Thursday, 26 August 2010


I'm going back for my second year of Journalism in just under a month; giving me plenty of time to prepare myself for the more extreme workload (first year was bad enough!) to get back on track with my Shorthand - something I've been dabbling in and out of over the Summer, but I need to get stuck into it if I'm going to do well at it this year.
My new furniture arrived today, so I'll finally have all the storage I'll ever need and more; I'll do a post with before and after pictures when it's complete :)

I've recently fell in love with Amazon - I have a slight obsession with Dean Koontz books, but I can never seem to find the right ones in the Waterstones in town. My mum suggested I try online, where I found old and used Dean Koontz books for a penny! This may be old news to some but I was amazed! Pay £2 P+P, and yes, the books are very worn, but any new book is going to end up like that at some point, and I love the possibility of finding inscriptions or notes from previous owners.
The following is the short list of books I'll be reading in the first few weeks of second year...

- The top three - Dean Koontz, all 1p!
- Bright Shiny Morning is one I was drawn to by the title and cover - turned out to be an amazing read, grips you from the first page with each chapter telling the story of different characters. It leaves you on a real cliffhanger too; addictive!
- I'm yet to read the Stephen Fry book, but I love the way he words things so this'll be a delight.
- And Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales - because every girl likes fairy tales, I especially enjoy fairy tales with a twist - Angela Carter's an amazing writer.

What have you been reading over the Summer? Anything I should pick up?

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