Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Nothing much to tell so far this week - been doing a lot of Shorthand so I can get my speed up as I'm lagging behind, but my poor wrist just doesn't want to move any faster! We're also working in groups to make magazines for Print, and I'm really excited to make it, as I made one on wrestling in A Level Media, and got an A ^_^ Ours is based around the Northwest music scene, but with fashion bits thrown in for variety.
We're currently just making page plans, as we have thirty pages to fill, plus finding adverts to use, but it'll be awesome when it's finished!
Saw my kosherpop Alex last night after what seemed like forever, we went to Maccies, both got large quarter pounder meals, six chicken nuggets, and then got cherry pies for back at his. My word, I love cherry pie I could have eaten seven! We played about on his fancy mac for abit before watching A Scanner Darkly. It's a really good movie, very clever, but the fact they've filmed it then solarized it so it looks cartoony totally threw me. But I'd suggest it if you like weird movies that make you think.

I'm seeing Jack tomorrow night, and we're going for food and then to see Gulliver's Travels. We're both huge fans of Jack Black (especially Tenacious D) so even if the movie itself isn't that good, we won't be that fussed as he's so funny.
I'll hopefully have time to chuck an outfit post of a quick photo of my nails tomorrow when I get home from uni.

I'm gonna make tea soon with the mother, we're cooking a healthy pasta bake, so it'll hopefully be like the one above which looks yummy, but with red onion, broccoli and tomatoes instead of red pepper. Wish me luck!

What have you all been doing this week? Any culinary hits?

Thursday, 20 January 2011


This outfit is actually from Tuesday, only because I wore it to go the Wethers with some friends but I took photographs of it in the day after uni.
Jack says I look like a little sailor boy in it, but I love it :) I know I'm kinda late on the ol' Peter Pan collar trend, but I don't really care.

Top - New Look; Jeans - Primark; Jewellery - Anchor Rose/Vivienne Westwood/Dorothy Perkins/Handmade

Nothing to tell since my last post really. The person I complained about from uni in my last post hasn't shown up so today was nice and relaxed, no weird atmosphere! Went to town to pick up my lenses, and ym Specsavers has moved about four shops down... pretty weird :/ Plus the layout's totally confusing, I felt like an idiot asking at each desk if it was where I pick up lenses and being moved to the next one along.
Met up with Heather and Danni and we did abit of shopping too. I exchanged a top for some knee-high socks as mine have all gone bobbly in the wash, very sad times :(
Also got an intensive hair treatment as my ends are frazzled to death, a new foundation, St Ives scrub, a fantastic eye lash set for £1.99, and a Sleek nail varnish for £2.45 instead of like £5! I'll no doubt include these in a post sometime soon, when I can get decent photos again that is :)

I adore this necklace, it's hardly been off my neck all week and I've had so many compliments off it, people asking me where it's from, etc. I ordered it from the lovely Beth at Anchor Rose - she sells lots of cute little necklaces on her blog shop, it came really well wrapped and with a cute thank you note. Her blog is one I always look forward to reading, so please go have a peek :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


It's been a slow week for me; first week back at uni so getting back into the swing of early mornings is painful and makes me want to cry and never let go of my pillow :(
Nothing major really's happened - Went to Wimpy and Yates' for food and cocktails with some friends last Friday, then stayed in Jack's and finally watched Despicable Me! It's really good, soo cute I was giggling the whole way through ^__^

Been stuck doing assignments for this week, sucks cos I can't get motivated unless I'm in the library alone, but I can never be bothered to stay back after lectures; I suck at this!
Also pretty annoyed today as someone has lied and gone against their word for the last time. I feel like an idiot for believing they'd actually stop being such a horrible, manipulative person, especially as the same thing happened last year.
This person's also tried to get inbetween myself and my closest friend in uni and turn us against each other, which is pretty upsetting/infuriating as we've done nothing but stick up for them. But apparantly I have a bad attitude, I don't understand her "problems" and I never tell her anything personal.
Not to sound silly, but I'm not the type that can easily sit in uni, crying my eyes out and telling people about my dog possibly getting put down, which I can't even talk to my mum about without breaking down, so I'd hardly want to burden uni folk with that.
But me and my close friend are obviously sticking together, we're not that daft :) But we've told this person to leave us alone, keep your problems away and stay out of our lives; we've had enough stressing over it.

Anyway, I'm getting ready to go for cocktails and to let some steam off with my friends, I'll leave you with a picture of my gorgeous boy, Hippy, and my favourite song at the moment :)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Just a little post on some things I've allowed myself to buy since Christmas. I've somehow resisted the sales this year - some of my friends went and said they were disappointed and ended up buying things that were still full price, so I decided not to bother and save my pennies for something awesome!

This necklace hook was essential for me and my sanity - for the past few years, my jewellery has been hanging on drawing pins in my walls! I was forever moving furniture due to certain items falling off and what have you.
And before you say, I'm not really a fan of jewellery boxes, too much faffing about!

But I saw this beauty on Urban Outfitter's website for £7, unfortunately can't find it on there anymore, but there are several alternatives that are just as cute - 1, 2, 3, 4.
I'm really pleased that I found this, it makes this corner of my room look so much prettier :)

In town last week, I only bought a necklace, bracelet, tshirt and a new bag, all from H&M, furthering my obsession! But in all honest, I needed the bag as my current one has a holey lining and I kept losing my keys when I was on my doorstep, desperate to get inside! It fits my uni books, food and bits and bobs in it, and for £14.99 I can't really complain.

The cameo necklace was an impulse buy, but I've wanted one for ages, and this one has a really long chain so I love it. and I already have the bracelet in cream and black, which have sadly broken so I tied them together, the blue one will be a nice addition to my Spring wardrobe :)

Bag: £14.99. Necklace: £3.99. Bracelet: £1.99 - All H&M.

Have you found any hidden treasures in H&M recently?

Monday, 10 January 2011


Lazy day, I love my lazy days ^_^ Was supposed to be helping a friend out with a uni project - she was going to be drawing her designs on our bodies, I was well excited for it especially when she said she'd be doing an Alice in Wonderland piece on my legs and maybe a phoenix on my chest. We've had to reschedule though, but I'll try and post some photos when we're done, she's really good at illustration/drawing :)

Tshirt, Skirt - H&M; Shirt, Belt - New Look; Jewellery - Vintage/Accessorize/Handmade.

-My tshirt is my second favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment (First being my penguin jumper, which I will hopefully do a post on later this week) I love cheesy tshirts like this! Jack has a Topgun one which I've got my eye on for when it starts to choke his pythons ^_^
I'm in my glasses and scruffy hair as I'm still off uni this week so I'm spending it in my jammies, watching Supernatural with noodles! I had to run some errands today so i threw this on.

-I'm not exactly looking forward to returning to uni after having a month off, so much I need to sort out! I need to get my Shorthand back on track, do a few assignments, and I need to reschedule my work placement, as I've just realised the days they've set me are after the deadline date :| I hate this! I'm hoping to get a different one through my friend, I'm yet to ask him for the favour, but it's for a place right by my house - much more convenient than training it to Southport at 8am!

-I'll be posting a few of my purchases from last week later tonight, and hopefully some photos from my girl's night out on Saturday, dreading to see what a mess I look!