Friday, 25 March 2011


Week in photos

- Been rewatching yet more Supernatural - Dean's such a babe, "I call this one 'Blue Steel' "
- Also on the pile has been The Proposal and Two Weeks Notice - Sandy B is hilarious

- Products I've been able to use up over the past fortnight - some weren't on my original list but I rediscovered some bits and bobs that were half full.
- More books to read and re-read - I love the hardback/gold cover of my Dorian Gray.
- Been bringing out the ol' cd's this week too - Michael Jackson, The Sounds, Tenacious D and 30 Seconds to Mars.
(The above links are to my favourite songs by those bands, click them and have a good ol' boogie!)

- A better/clearer photo of my newly done poster wall.
- Two tops I ordered from New Look this week to wear tucked into denim shorts when it's nice and hot out. I'm undecided on the American flag one at the moment, but wore the black one for my cousin's birthday meal.

- The lovely Hayley sold me her spare copy of The Humming Bird Bakery Book. She reccommends the Mojito cupcakes which I'm excited to try, along with the Butterscotch Marshmallow bars, nom!

- Current nails - Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream/Shatter top coat. I'm pretty late on this trend but I love it
- The black top I mentioned above in action, apologies for the crap blurry photo, was the best of the bunch. I've also dyed my hair a dark browny red which you can sort of see in the photo too

- This is me and Danni having a boogie at our friend Heather's gig. It was the first gig of her new band, My Awakening, and I'm very proud of her, they did really well, especially when they were a cheery pop/rock band in amongst metal bands with huge guys

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

#90 - RIP Elizabeth Taylor

I was shocked to hear that the legendary actress, Elizabeth Taylor passed away today at 79.

Sadly she had battled health problems for years, including breaking her back five times, and was confined to a wheelchair in her later years.
Most recently succumbing to congestive heart failure and was admitted to hospital mid-February for monitoring.
The cause of death has not yet been comfirmed.

I always think of her in her fantastic roles in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and of course the iconic Cleopatra, where she starred alongside Richard Burton, who she then wed in '64.
She was also known for her generosity, founding the American Federation for AIDS Research, and raised $50m for the cause.

You can see the overwhelming response and sadness her death has caused on the internet, mainly Twitter, with #RIPElizabethTaylor becoming a Trending Topic, with countless celebrities posting their condolences and thoughts for one of the world's favourite actresses.

She will be sadly missed but thought of fondly.
She was one of the last true Hollywood icons; such an inspiration to so many people<3

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Week in Photos

Mike found broken glasses, he said, and I quote, "I feel like Elton John, but I don't wanna bum men." What a charming sod.

Alex's cat, Cambelly wasn't amused when I wanted to see him in the mini sombrero. Ole!

Wednesday was a catch up night with my girls. We had huge plates of nachos, chicken wings, waffles and as seen above, took funny photos on Danni's camera when she was occupado :')

Making rude objects with the salt...

Andy didn't appreciate me trying to make him like an ethereal Wonder Woman.

Spent yesterday morning redoing half of my poster wall. Crap photo but will post it properly later.

The goodies I promised myself for after I do some uni work. The Crunchie biscuits look soo nice.

Snack pot of roast onion mash. Looks disgusting but it's gorgeous, doesn't taste like crap ready-mash either. 69p from Asda, bargain!
Spent last night in Jack's, we watched Family Guy & America Dad while being really silly. He let me sleep in this morning while he went to work. Doing uni work now so I can get ready for Heather's gig in time. She's got a brand new band and this is their first gig so I'm excited to see them play :)

What've you been upto this weekend? :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011


My Week in Photos

This should have been posted on Friday but I didn't have the time and felt slightly wrong for posting something so menial and seemingly self-indulgent when part of the world has been destroyed.
But here's some photos of my week, nothing too interesting :)

- Mucking about instead of working.
- The copy of an Ellie Goulding painting I bought from a girl in America. I forgot I ordered it so was over the moon when it arrived, it's gorgeous :)

- Items I'm determined to use up in March - seems like a lot, but most are things I use daily, so it should be no problem, and hopefully help me stop buying unnecessary items just because they look pretty!

- Watched alot of my Sex & the City and Supernatural boxsets this week; two things I can rewatch over and over and never get bored.

- Bargain boots from Primark, £8 down from £15. They're so comfy I've worn them all week.

- This week's reading - Look, Glamour, H&M catalogue and the last part of Russell Brand's book.

- I'm slightly mad when it comes to making lists, I make one for everything! This is my unreadable notes for my next project, and lists I've made to keep me on track.

- Barry M Vivid Purple and my favourite food at the moment - the rice snacks are about 49p a pack in Home Bargain so I stocked up for over the weekend, and my mum's got me hooked on Strawberry Liquorice, nom!

Spent Friday night in Jack's, watched Knight & Day - definitely reccommend! Lazy morning yesterday then RWA show in the night, stayed in Jack's again. Very lazy day today with him, got up at 2 and had breakfast. Was lovely as we never get to spend a whole weekend together due to his wrestling schedule.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Just a quick post today, I'll hopefully do another before the weekend, no pinky promises on that though! Still not feeling too hot, but I'm excited for either chicken chow mein or something yummy with hash browns for my tea, hopefully followed by some pancakes ala Mother Hignett :)
Spent yesterday feeling so crap, did a little bit of work, and had to go the Post Office today and send off some Amazon sales and pick up something to eat.

Popped the shop on my way home to give myself a pick-me-up, grabbed Glamour mag with the mild liquid facial soap, sounds ideal for my temperamental skin so I'll let you know how it works out.
Also some food, I am a fatty so this will be demolished in about an hour, I often ignore the "Made to share" on food (the duck wrap was gone as soon as I got home)

my ELF package was here when I got back, perked me right up! I got a blush in Blushing Rose, Lip Primer & Plumper, matt top coat varnish and a lip stain in Heartbreaker. Again I'll try all of them out and possibly do a quick post sometime soon.

This is my baby, my new phone. It's taken some getting used to, being an actual square and all, but I love it. The charge isn't perfect, but it's an EcoMoto so I think I need to adjust the settings or something?
Downloaded loads of funny games and got all my shortcuts, etc set out, it's pretty snazzy once I got used to not hanging up on people using my face :')

Top - Ressurrection; Skirt - H&M; Cardigan - Matalan; Necklace - gift.

Outfit for running my errands today - didn't like my face though, but I might start putting my hair up like this so I don't have to straighten it as much.

Friday, 4 March 2011


I've not been feeling inspired over the last couple of weeks, I know a lot of people have said been feeling the same, at least I know I'm not alone. I don't feel I'm getting anywhere, I get up not wanting to do anything productive or anything that can help me in the long term for whatever reason, and I know it's not just my natural laziness rearing its ugly head, it's that I haven't really thought of any obvious goals I want to achieve.

This week has been my reading week off uni, but it's gone so fast I don't feel I've done anything worthwhile, mainly because I still haven't found a part-time job to tide me over until I graduate, which is frustrating as it's not like I haven't been trying. Places seem more interested in hiring people fresh out of high school with no idea of how to treat customers, how to deal with difficult situations and working in retail in general. No disrespect if you have a part-time job straight from high school, you're lucky to have it, it's just irritating when you have over three years experience working under a busy, harsh Customer Services environment. Just sucks that my hard work isn't wanted anywhere, and I mean

But onto happier things, I'm going to post my Friday Favourites each week in order to keep my blog rolling. Probably not the best time to start it as I begin my work placement next Friday for ten weeks, but I'll be doing my best to keep up! It'll include photos, quotes, things I've seen and done over the past week that have made me smile.
Nothing negative, just positive things!

I have a couple for this week but I'll keep it short an sweet for you!

Jack's just had some of the best news in the world, I'm not sure if I can talk about it yet, but when I do I'll be rambling on for a good while! I'm so proud of him, he's been working really hard towards his goals and future, and knows exactly what he wants to achieve in life. He's a really strong person and although he doesn't always know it, he motivates me to better myself and work towards my own goals, no matter how small they are.
All his hard work is going to pay off this year, I'm so proud and happy for him as it's what he deserves ^__^

Since I got my new phone I've hardly put it down. It's weird to get used to as it's a square, but I love it. I've been playing with the camera which as above it's pretty good, I need to fiddle with the settings though. I'll post a photo of it later in the week.

This Summer is going to be so good, I can't wait!
Booking my place on the girls holiday in Turkey for June later this week, so excited!
I've got quite a lot lined up - finish uni in May, Cornwall with Jack in early June, Turkey with the girls late June, France & Barcelona with the family.
Hopefully fit my work placement in there somewhere, along with bbq's, beach days, picnics and staying out late :)

Congrats if you got this far, I didn't realise how much I rambled and ranted on at the start, I'll be posting more positive things once I get back into the swing of it all :)