Sunday, 2 September 2012

#144 - week in photos

finally printed off photos from my holiday in Turkey last year! | Cocktails & nachos outfit downloaded every WWE PPV in '01 & spent this weekend watching them | my mum got mini bottles of ice tea from somewhere | day trip to Ikea! my outfit | Hope playing in children's 
tents | toffee & cinnamon ice cream (admittadly not from Ikea) | Ikea food, amazing!
got round to watching Dexter, I'm hooked | reliving the hilarity that is Green Wing
my Spiderman mug I got free at Odeon; the spider's black but goes red when it's hot
sneaky night out in Popworld

Had quite a lazy week, but somehow I've got a lot done. Spent about five hours in Ikea playing House & hunting down the mirror I've been after; we also might've gotten hot dogs & milkshake after tea for the car ride home...
I've also got a couple of job interviews and some other interesting things in the pipeline for this upcoming week. I'm also going to find a good spot to take some proper outfit photos so I can get back into the swing of doing them :)

What've you been upto lately? :)