Sunday, 19 February 2012


Nail varnish I'm loving at the moment is Rimmel's Pro Finish in 420 Aqua Cool.

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I've been looking for a creamy pale blue for a while; I do have Barry M's Blueberry Ice Cream but sometimes that's a little too bright, and I was after something paler.
I pottered into Boots to re-stock on my current foundation and saw the Rimmel stand was 2-for-1, so I picked up my 25-Hr wear foundation, this varnish and the matching topcoat.

I've only had it on for maybe three days but it's brilliant so far.
No chips or sign of wear yet, as seen above, the brush is very thick so you don't have to spend ages getting the right amount on the brush.
The only negative about this colour is it's very sheer, so about three/four coats was needed to make it opaque. I think next time I wear it though I'll stick a pale creamy colour on first as a basecoat so the colour payoff is better. But it's definitely in my Spring nail varnish collection this year, all pastels might I add!

Do you have a favourite Rimmel varnish colour?

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Week in Photos

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(apologies for the crap photo quality; Blogger's not letting me have nice things apparantly!)

Catching up with Modern Family eps and a share box of nuggets after a
hard night at work - favourite snack atm; chilli coated peanuts
this candle smells amazing, making me wanna go to Cornwall right now
photo from my WIWT profile - new book for 1p, can't wait to start it
S&G mascara w/ Elle magazine - parcel from Benefit, more to come soon
Fajita chicken pasta from Tesco is gorgeous - makin' bracelets!

- Mainly photos of food this week, but nothing new there! I've been craving chicken pasta for ages now and Tesco have stocked up on Fajita Chicken pasta which is brilliant, I love it.
- Currently about halfway through the second book of the Hunger games trilogy; Catching Fire. I cannot wait for the movie in March! But this will be the next book to devour; I love James Frey's style, I go through his books in about a day.
- Sneak peek at a Benefit post I'll be popping up through the week :)
- Heard a few bad reviews on the S&G mascara that came with Elle but I personally like it. It is quite a wet formula but I layer a waterproof mascara on top and it's fine. In a couple of weeks when it's dried out a little it'll be even better.
- I now have a WIWT profile so if you have one too either leave the link in a comment, or follow mine; I'd like to follow more people I sort of know from here haha