Sunday, 12 February 2012


Week in Photos

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(apologies for the crap photo quality; Blogger's not letting me have nice things apparantly!)

Catching up with Modern Family eps and a share box of nuggets after a
hard night at work - favourite snack atm; chilli coated peanuts
this candle smells amazing, making me wanna go to Cornwall right now
photo from my WIWT profile - new book for 1p, can't wait to start it
S&G mascara w/ Elle magazine - parcel from Benefit, more to come soon
Fajita chicken pasta from Tesco is gorgeous - makin' bracelets!

- Mainly photos of food this week, but nothing new there! I've been craving chicken pasta for ages now and Tesco have stocked up on Fajita Chicken pasta which is brilliant, I love it.
- Currently about halfway through the second book of the Hunger games trilogy; Catching Fire. I cannot wait for the movie in March! But this will be the next book to devour; I love James Frey's style, I go through his books in about a day.
- Sneak peek at a Benefit post I'll be popping up through the week :)
- Heard a few bad reviews on the S&G mascara that came with Elle but I personally like it. It is quite a wet formula but I layer a waterproof mascara on top and it's fine. In a couple of weeks when it's dried out a little it'll be even better.
- I now have a WIWT profile so if you have one too either leave the link in a comment, or follow mine; I'd like to follow more people I sort of know from here haha

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