Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I will die if I miss out on seeing these live this year. It already sucks that I can't have the weekend off for Download, purely because I've already got the two weekends previous off for Cornwall.. and I have no holidays left ¬__¬
So I'm keeping my fingers and everything else crossed in the hopes that they do a UK tour.. including somewhere I can get to; i.e Liverpool/Manchester.. Birmingham at a push.

C'mon guys, don't let me down!

Sunday, 25 April 2010


In the last week my room has been the messiest it's ever been.. didn't think it was posible. The drawer of my desk'sbeen hanging by a thread for about two weeks now, but it just fell to an untimely death Thursday night, as I was putting my shoes on to leave for Heather's gig. Not on ¬__¬
Tried to fix it with white tack Friday and I somehow snapped the actual frame of the drawer in half.

So yeah, it's broken and I'm avoiding telling Nige as it'll only end in a lecture. booo.

And despite procrastinating enormously this week, I'v enjoyed myself. Going into uni on my precious day off to edit the footage I should have edited on Friday may kill me slightly, brought it on myself though I guess...

Saw Jack on Wednesday night which was gorgeous. His bed is the comfiest thing I've ever been in; I hate it in the mornings, especially having to get up before 12 and walk to the station, craving bacon butties and mugs of tea :(
Thursday was a looong day in uni "Turn to the person next to you and discuss the term 'Celebrity' " NO.
Then a quick dash home and an outfit change before running for the train that I could have missed as Andri made me wait an extra 40(ish) minutes while she pranced down Bromlow Hill in wedges, crying on her face.
Such an inconvenience.
Heather's band played in Mojo, they were really good.. well next time a couple of them might wanna acknowledge which way the audience is so they don't look rude/potato stoopid with their backs to us. Went to BaaBar for a boogie and a Bakewell or three, stopped off at a 24hr cafe.
In all seriousness, that sausage butty at 2AM was the highlight of my night!

Neeeeed to do some work; if I fail my first year, I'm fleeing to Paris to work as a waitress in one of those quaint little cake shops, and get a sausage dog called Toby.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


When I clicked Publish Post maybe an hour ago, I swore to myself I would get off my arse and finish tidying my room.. yeah it's never been done in the one sitting, generally gets done slowly over anywhere as long as two months. Doesn't keep Nicky sweet, but if I know where stuff is, I'm not gonna move it to some stupid hidden place, am I? (doi)

Yeah, I'm back to babble on about my night with Jack last night.
Ate Maoams on the way home while I got beat up ¬__¬
Walked the dog, who did the dirty in front of many tween goffs, which was lovely. Ate pizza and drank teea, settled on the couch to watch Happy Feet.. only two months late seeing as he gave me it as part of my Valentine's present. Ah well, all good things come to those who wait and all that crap.
As you may already now I am pretty obsessed with penguins, they'r my favourite animal (hippos being second, alpacas third) I even added a photo at the top of this page; I found it while browsing Google and couldn't resist ^__^
I really enjoyed Happy Feet,was s genuine feel-good movie. There wasn't a huge scene where something horrible happens to the lead character, leading you to feel undeniably sad and perhaps shedding a single tear. I mean don't get me wrong, plenty of sad things happened; I've edited the spoilers out, oops!
But all of this didn't seem as sad, especially as whenever he moved his little flippers, he did a little tap dancey jig which, when he was younger, was the cutest thing I've seen for a while.
The only thing I wasn't keen on was the fact that he grew up so fast. It happened just 20 mins into the film, which if you look at the DVD cover, is kind of decieving, as the picture is of him as a baby penguin; so you'd expect him to be a gorgeous, fluffy baby for the majority of the film, then in the last half an hour or so, transform into an adult, etc.
But maybe that's just me?

I feel that anyone reading this (and by anyone, I mean Heather :P ) might think I'm beginning to think I'm some kind of fantastic movie critic, with so much movie knowledge it's streaming from my ears.. I promise I'm not.. I just love watching movies and if I have a thought on it I'll write it down.

Don't like it, you know what to do. But don't. Seriously.


"I'm more of a tongue person :P "

I stopped tidying my room just to procrastinate on this.. marvellous time management Jessica (Y)

This week has been really fun, but a total waste of time I coulda/shoulda reeeally spent doing coursework which I'll no doubt get "capped at 40" for. I'm almost past caring as long as I pass, even scrape it I don't care right now.
Our lectures finish in two weeks, might as well of not bothered with these three weeks. But a five-month long Summer sounds pretty tasty to me ^__^

Can't be arsed writing about everything I did; I have a feeling this will be a large chunk just on Friday alone.
Went the Odeon with Heather and Andri (who we found lurking behind the stonewash denim in Matalan, probably meowing at children), went for a fat Maccies before, spent a stupid amount of money on popcorn and Ice Blasts. Saw Kickass because Andri has oh-so conveniently watched How To Train Your Dragon a few hours previous,. not much point seeing it twice in one day, just ruin our fun...

Kickass was definitely better than expected, especially since people had told me it was shit and the only funny thing was McLovin.. he was in no way the cherry on top. Had to be Hit Girl, she swore like a sailor and handled a gun/knife better than half the Army (no offence).. ANDshe had a purple wig. A winner in my eyes.

I got home today after a busy but speedy day in work, and IMDB'd Kickass.
Found out the lead actor, Aaron Johnson (i.e Kickass) is engaged to Sam Taylor Woods. This might sound all awh and lovely, but he's 19 and she's 43...

Slightly odd, no?
Oh yeah, they'r also having a baby :|

Definitely, totally not weird.. maybe a little.

Still doesn't detract from an awesome movie.

One thing that made me slightly uneasy that night was walking home from Old Roan with the Grusome Twosome (LOL) two loudmouth dudes from London or wherever walk out the pub we go past, "Girls, girls girls.. are you scouse? Say something to us in your scouse accents. Say 'fuck off, you Southern cunts!'" and Heather somehow translates that into, wiggle your bum in my face and say "I'm from Landan!" in what should have been a Cockney accent, before giggling, tripping off the kerb and strutting off.
She is classy in every single way.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


"Hello, Um"

Alice in Wonderland last night was really fun. Wasn't as dark and ominous as I was expecting, but I still enjoyed it.
One bug bear - The Futterwacken the Hatter did at the end totally ruined it; could have definitely made it less shit/left it out.

I do, however, love that Anne Hathaway was cast as The White Queen; she made the character believable and I loved the little weird things she did with her hands, the swan-like way she glided across the screen. Mwah, gorgeous.

Also, Heather's Randy Jackson impression was definitely not obvious!

I haven't updated this in a while as I'v been milking my Easter hols for all it's worth, i.e sat on my arse, eating, watching as much ANTM/CNTM/movies that I can get my hands on.
I finally caught I Love You, Man. Funnier than advertised, Jason Segel strolling down the road with his hybrid dog in Uggs made my day.
I highly reccommend it.

I'v been going out with the 'gang' quite a lot lately, basically ever since I got my uni money I'v been rollin' in the Benjamins ^__^
But it's great seeing everyone pretty much every week, having an awesome night out, what's even better though is rolling into work the next day without a hangover. I'v taken it to be quite a skill of mine, I intend to keep it that way.

A few photos from the last three, maybe four times I'v been out, check'it..

Ok, pc is fucked so photos will come laterrr.