Sunday, 25 April 2010


In the last week my room has been the messiest it's ever been.. didn't think it was posible. The drawer of my desk'sbeen hanging by a thread for about two weeks now, but it just fell to an untimely death Thursday night, as I was putting my shoes on to leave for Heather's gig. Not on ¬__¬
Tried to fix it with white tack Friday and I somehow snapped the actual frame of the drawer in half.

So yeah, it's broken and I'm avoiding telling Nige as it'll only end in a lecture. booo.

And despite procrastinating enormously this week, I'v enjoyed myself. Going into uni on my precious day off to edit the footage I should have edited on Friday may kill me slightly, brought it on myself though I guess...

Saw Jack on Wednesday night which was gorgeous. His bed is the comfiest thing I've ever been in; I hate it in the mornings, especially having to get up before 12 and walk to the station, craving bacon butties and mugs of tea :(
Thursday was a looong day in uni "Turn to the person next to you and discuss the term 'Celebrity' " NO.
Then a quick dash home and an outfit change before running for the train that I could have missed as Andri made me wait an extra 40(ish) minutes while she pranced down Bromlow Hill in wedges, crying on her face.
Such an inconvenience.
Heather's band played in Mojo, they were really good.. well next time a couple of them might wanna acknowledge which way the audience is so they don't look rude/potato stoopid with their backs to us. Went to BaaBar for a boogie and a Bakewell or three, stopped off at a 24hr cafe.
In all seriousness, that sausage butty at 2AM was the highlight of my night!

Neeeeed to do some work; if I fail my first year, I'm fleeing to Paris to work as a waitress in one of those quaint little cake shops, and get a sausage dog called Toby.

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