Sunday, 18 April 2010


"I'm more of a tongue person :P "

I stopped tidying my room just to procrastinate on this.. marvellous time management Jessica (Y)

This week has been really fun, but a total waste of time I coulda/shoulda reeeally spent doing coursework which I'll no doubt get "capped at 40" for. I'm almost past caring as long as I pass, even scrape it I don't care right now.
Our lectures finish in two weeks, might as well of not bothered with these three weeks. But a five-month long Summer sounds pretty tasty to me ^__^

Can't be arsed writing about everything I did; I have a feeling this will be a large chunk just on Friday alone.
Went the Odeon with Heather and Andri (who we found lurking behind the stonewash denim in Matalan, probably meowing at children), went for a fat Maccies before, spent a stupid amount of money on popcorn and Ice Blasts. Saw Kickass because Andri has oh-so conveniently watched How To Train Your Dragon a few hours previous,. not much point seeing it twice in one day, just ruin our fun...

Kickass was definitely better than expected, especially since people had told me it was shit and the only funny thing was McLovin.. he was in no way the cherry on top. Had to be Hit Girl, she swore like a sailor and handled a gun/knife better than half the Army (no offence).. ANDshe had a purple wig. A winner in my eyes.

I got home today after a busy but speedy day in work, and IMDB'd Kickass.
Found out the lead actor, Aaron Johnson (i.e Kickass) is engaged to Sam Taylor Woods. This might sound all awh and lovely, but he's 19 and she's 43...

Slightly odd, no?
Oh yeah, they'r also having a baby :|

Definitely, totally not weird.. maybe a little.

Still doesn't detract from an awesome movie.

One thing that made me slightly uneasy that night was walking home from Old Roan with the Grusome Twosome (LOL) two loudmouth dudes from London or wherever walk out the pub we go past, "Girls, girls girls.. are you scouse? Say something to us in your scouse accents. Say 'fuck off, you Southern cunts!'" and Heather somehow translates that into, wiggle your bum in my face and say "I'm from Landan!" in what should have been a Cockney accent, before giggling, tripping off the kerb and strutting off.
She is classy in every single way.

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