Saturday, 26 September 2009


So, Nicky and Nige are going away for the weekend. Jay never shows his face anyway. Jack has gastroenteritis.
All in all, I am spending my Saturday and Sunday nights alone, with no money, watching awesome movies by myself.

Being poor sucks.

Ok, it's about 5 hours since I made that post, needs editing.
Jack's now on his way over and we're gonna have a wrestling night infront of the tv, complete with copious cups of tea :)
I seriously hate my new timetable, it means I have to be up everyday bar Monday by atleast 7am.

Not a happy bunny.

iyer :')

Friday, 25 September 2009


"There's a duck roll in me bag that's just screamin my name!"

Says it all really, I love the girls I've made friends with, we're so alike.
Learning shorthand's not so bad actually, once I realised you don't put the little arrows in too. Getting all the books necessary for Tuesday is stupid though, I'll have to hike up Brownlow Hill before work tomorrow.

One last thing; both my Edge Hill and NUS cards have the worst photos I've ever seen. Everything is wonderful and beauteous.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Uni is rearing it's seemingly ugly yet exciting head sooner than I had expected. I enrol in 4 days time. D: anyways, I went out last Thursday with Heather and Andri for a few drinks, turned into many, many cocktails and definitely stupid dances. i also ate two double cheeseburgers and ate the chips from my Big Mac meal, had the Big Mac for breakfast.. awesome times <3>

Thursday, 3 September 2009


so i'm off to uni in like, 18 days. i shouldn't say "i'm off" i'm not even moving into halls or anything, only taking a half hour train ride followed by a shuttle bus. considering i had my doubts about edge hill i'm pretty excited about starting my course. definitely need to start writing again, get some creative juices flowing, let my nerd side reek havoc once again.
talking to people online that'r going to the same uni and that are on my course has definitely taken the dge off the whole thing, i'm more relaxed then i previously was, i'd hate to not get on with people on the first day, awkward!

can't wait until i get paid this time next week, i am as poor as can be right now, i hate having to work out how much money i need for stuff. next week also means i get to see Alex, i've missed her a stupid amount, she's been "down under" for god knows how long and it's marvellous she's actually come home! i can't wait to listen to all the stories she has to tell me whilst drinking cheeap cocktails :)
need to go make some food and sort out a list of stuff i need in 18 days time.

i clicked on a link Danni posted on Facey the other day, Don't Judge My Hair. this one's my favourite so far...

note to self: stop writing so much shite.