Saturday, 30 July 2011


I apologise for being absent on this for about a fortnight, I just haven't taken any photos when I've been doing things, and all text posts aren't that appealing to look at. I am more active on Twitter and Tumblr though, so if you fancy having a chat you're best getting me on either of them :)
Some things that have happened this week include - catching up on the wrestling from last week, going to Formby beach last minute and then devouring massive fajita meals at a pub - they were neverending! Going on a late night drive with some friends, hoping to just sit at Crosby beach and chat, but instead accidentally intrude on some eagers doggers, oops.

My room's pretty messy right now, currently packing for a little holiday on Monday. We're going to stay in our friend's cottage in Wales until Friday, can't wait! It's right near Mt Snowdon so we're thinking of climbing it and getting some good photos while we're there, and there's a barn on the grounds, so we're taking lots of stuff to have a barn rave haha

Playsuit - H&M; Shirt - New Look; Vest - Primark; Jewellery - gifted, JWLRY

Apologies for the scruffy hair, my Tangle Teeze hasn't dried from me cleaning it before, which was the most frustrating 20 minutes of my life.
I practically live in this playsuit, it's so comfy I wear t with everything. The above is my favourite combo though, just slouchy but not too casual. My wolf/dreamcatcher vest still has tea stains from ages ago which won't come out so this is the best way to wear it for now.

These are two of my favourite products at the moment - Flowerbomb by Victor Rolf is the perfume I bought in Turkey and it just smells like Summer, it's quite strong when first sprayed, but once it settles down it's gorgeous, very pretty, it a perfume can smell pretty? I don't quite know!

I got this Charles Worthington Repair and Protect hair serum yesterday in Home Bargain for just £1.99 - if you live near this shop please go in and check it out for hair products before you go to Boots, etc as it is a hell of a lot cheaper! And you can get Creme Egg twister bars for 39p, yum! But this product is really good, you just apply a couple of pumps to your hair after washing, focusing on the ends, and it keeps your hair smooth and looking healthy. It's similar to the VO5 Miracle Concentrate but I cannot find that anywhere, so this wil do for now :)

I hope everyone's having a lovely Summer, the weather's meant to perk up this week, fingers crossed!

Monday, 11 July 2011


Hey guys, just a quick outfit post before I potter off to Jack's tonight. We've got the whole day tomorrow, so we need to think of something fun (and preferably free/cheap!) to do :)

Just a comfy outfit I wore earlier in the week but have only just photographed it now; I bought the body in the Primark sale for £2, I could never find my size when it first came out so I saw this as a sign! The cardigan is also new and from Primark. The one I wear at the moment is about four years old, and I can't remember how many holes I've had to sew up. but it's soo comfy, Jack calls it my "scatty cardie."

I apologise for my vacant look in these photos; my camera wasn't focusing properly, and the only good ones are of me looking rather unimpressed! I am loving my Turkey tan though, hope it doesn't go too soon *knock on wood*

Body, cardigan - Primark; Jeans - H&M; Jewellery - Ebay, H&M, VIP.

This is my favourite necklace at the moment, I wear it all the time. I bought it from Victoria, she only had a select amount to sell so I'm really happy I managed to snap one up. Obviously going to wear it at the midnight screening of DH part 2 on Thursday. Me and my friends are going to The Fact in town, where they're showing the first part at 9, and then obviously the second right after, so excited!
My nails are oh-so unique as always! Primark UV glow varnish, it's the nicest purpley-blue I've seen, and I added a Barry M Crackle varnish over my ring finger ala Beyonce at Glasto :)

I promise I'll be back soon with some interesting posts, this'll have to do for now I'm afraid!
What have you been upto over the weekend? Anyone else excited for HP on Thursday? :)

Monday, 4 July 2011


Week in Photos

This is a pretty photo-heavy post from our Turkey holiday, I would apologise but there's so many more photos I wanted to put up, you'll see them if you link to my Facebook or Tumblr though :)

So far my week is looking pretty relaxed, so I'll be able to get up some posts I've been meaning to do - a few outfit posts, showing you some of the stuff I wore in Turkey in greater detail; there's a post on summer must-wears from Missguided; a review on the Body Shop tea tree face mask from a previous post; I might do a June favourites post too, abit unsure on that one though.

Is there anything you would like to see me post about? :)