Thursday, 24 May 2012

#138 - NOTW

I adore this combination, and I love the formula of the Maybelline varnish; it's opaque in two coats, dried relatively fast and really does last for days without chipping. I've had this on for four days now, with a top coat and I only have a tiny bit of tip wear. I would really recommend having a look at this range if you haven't already, thye have some really lovely pastel shades in, and it's 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment!
The Ibiza Mix is a little harder to apply, purely because there's much more clear varnish than there is glitter if that makes sense? So it takes a little while to build it up. but if you have a bit of time spare it is worth it. I think next week I'll be tyring out hedonist underneath Ibiza Mix, it might tone the neon shade down a smidge?

What are you wearing on your nails atm? Are you all for pastels, or neons, or both? :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

#137 - May Project 10 Pan

Now before I get any comments telling me I've miscounted, I knooow there's only eight items in the photo below, but in just the past few months I've used up loads of products, so I don't feel the need to choose ten each month, just however many I feel I can do.
These posts always seem to be the most popular when I peek at my stats, which I'm really glad about as it gives me a small (and sad) sense of pride doing them each month!
I know I'm very late on this one, but I completely forgot to post this earlier, it's been sat in my drafts for weeks, sorry guys!

John Frieda/Superdrug hair conditioners - I have about four of these sat in my drawers from the times I've dyed my hair at home. I do like these conditioners, they do their job very well, I just like others much better. I will use up at least two tubes though, I've nearly finished the white one so I should do it.

ELF Cream Eyeliner - Again, I really like this product, but I find liquid liners easier to use, simply because if I make a mistake with liquid, it's easy enough to amend, but it's much harder to remove and reapply this on my lid, and I don't like being too heavy-handed on my eyes. I think I'll use it up on days/nights when I can take my time applying my makeup.

Next Pink perfume - I got this in a set at Christmas and I love the smell, it's floral and fresh without being too heavy on the ol' nostrils. Again I put in the a drawer in favour of Flowerbomb and Naughty Alice, how naughty of me! It's a great Summer scent though, and I'll probably take it to Cornwall with me.

TBS Grapefruit Body Butter - I've had this a while and I do like it, it's very moisturising and sinks in relatively quickly, but the smell lingers longer than I'd like. I'll be using this before bed to nourish my legs.

S&G Flake Away - I love this scrub, but I currently have this tub which is half full, and another huge tub untouched! So I'm using it every other shower to get my body (mainly legs) beach-ready. But this scrub is bloody brilliant!

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout - This is a great clarifying shampoo that contains stout beer, so your hair is much more shiny and it adds weight and volume to finer hair.

Rimmel Clear Complexion powder in transparent - Nothing much to say about this, it's just what i use to set my makeup, but I realised I have two half-used, so I need to use up one because it's driving me bananas! But it does the job, think it was either £4-5 so it doesn't break the bank either.

What products are you trying to use up this month?

Monday, 14 May 2012

#136 - Current Empties

Due to deadlines and other ridiculous things that have gone on in my life over the last couple of week, I completely forgot to do an April Empties, and I've used up a couple of these over the last fortnight, so figured I might aswell just combine them into one post, much easier(lazier)

Tresemme Salon Finish Extra Hold hairspray - I bought this on a 2 for 1 thingy a few months back as I always like to keep hairspray in my bag for any sneaky little flyaways that may happen when I'm mincing about outside the house. This is probably my favourite hairspray, it was long lasting without making my hair feel crispy and wasn't sticky. I'm currently using a mini Toni & Guy hairspray from Home Bargains which is pretty good but I'll be keeping my eye out for this on an offer, snap it up again in no time!

S&G The Daily Smooth body butter - I bought this in a pack of three body butters last year, this one is my least favourite of the three. Butter Up was my favourite, it smels like orange and blueberries and was amazing at moisturising my skin and it kept it feeling smooth, so that got used up quicksmart! I still have half a tub of The Righteous Butter to use, which I do really like. I'm not keen on the smell of this, a little too perfumey for my taste, and it left my skin feeling slightly greasy.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - I love this stuff and love how strong and healthy it makes my hair feel, but I don't use it as often as I should, purely because I hate waiting around for it to do it's thang for five minutes. But now that I've finished uni (yay!) I can justify slapping this on post-shampoo, and whacking a warm towel on top and leaving it on for about ten minutes. I also have the shampoo and conditioner from the Hair Growth line, so will be using all three in conjunction to see if it'll kick my hair into growing a bit more!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair - Not much to add about this concealer as every blogger seems to adore it. It's bloody brilliant stuff and if you haven't already tried it, get to Boots pronto! My only gripe is that the writing comes off the tube so quickly; I've had my new tube only a week and it's all come off. It's the only negative about it so can't really complain too much though.

Aussie Luciously Light 3MM Frizz Remedy - What a mouthful of a name. What can I say, I love Aussie with all my heart, I've been using their products (namely conditioners) for years and will continue to do so. Their 3MM are amazing, this one especially is brilliant for frizzy or static-prone hair. I tend to leave it on for about ten minutes, and it smells yummy!

Bourjois 10Hr Sleep Effect foundation - Despite this having the same label trouble as the Collection 2000 concealer, it's a brilliant foundation, one I used all last Summer when my skin was lovely and clear, and when I get it back into shape I will be repurchasing this beaut.

Rimmel 25Hr Lasting Finish foundation - This was my Winter foundation a few months ago, and I love the finish it gave when using the infamous ELF Powder brush, very flawless. I do feel it oxidised slightly when on my skin, but I was very pale over Winter so I'm not focusing on that point too much. Excellent if you want a medium to heavy coverage as it's very buildable.

17 Fast Finish nail varnish in Catwalk Couture - Love this formula, one coat dried in 60 seconds, though I tend to use two coats just for utimate opacity. The colour is gorgeous, very bright turquoise, perfect for Summer. Will have to repurchase asap!

I also couldn't resist sneaking in a quick photo from today; I caved and now am amongst the many other bloggers who own the Zara messenger bag. I have it in dove grey, it's gorgeous!

If you have done an empties post/video please leave me the link, I love seeing other people's empties, is that sad? :')

Sunday, 6 May 2012

#135 - Week in Photos

Nandos lunch date with Hope - officially an Alohaian(?) - new nail varnishes I didn't need (detailed post soon!) - favourite thing to snack on - a £2 coin with Darwin & a monkey on it - new top for Heather's bday shindig on Thursday - traditional BK with Stacey - Baa Bar quiz night with Hope; too much juice - Boots purchases bought with points, win! - favourite dress atm - Jamaican chicken barm, nom! - April Glossy Box

I had a bit of a bad night last night, I came out of the station to walk to work when some horrible "men" took my hat and wouldn't give me it back unless I gave them money, and started shouting horrible, obscene things at me. So I pretty much legged it to work, but they followed me, continuing their vulgar shouting, including calling me a slut and shouting that I should go kill myself.
Got to work in tears and couldn't stop shaking, but the guys I work with are so nice and understanding they told me to go home as I wasn't fit to stay. 
My mum picked me up, we got some comfort food (in the shape of a Dominos) and I sat up in my room for the remainder fo the night, watching Jersey Shore in an attempt to take my mind off it. 
Now bear in mind I had done nothing to provoke these horrible excuses for men, they probably thought it would be funny to ruin a stranger's night and may not even remember their actions today (the football was on in pubs so there's a good chance they'd been drinking) but I doubt they'll realise they absolutely terrified and upset me to the point that I was unfit to work.
I'm not writing this so I get a pity party or anything, I just don't understand what goes through someone's head that makes them think it's a good idea to harrass someone like that.
I seriously believe in karma and they'll get what's coming to them.

But on a slightly lighter note, I start the gym tomorrow and I'm seriously excited. I'm not looking to lose weight or anything, it's hard enough for me to gain it! I simply want to get fit and healthy again, tone up my tummy and legs and get my flexibility back. The gym I've joined has loads of classes everyday, so I'm planning on going to spin classes, kick boxing and maybe the odd Zumba class.

Are you doing anything fun over the bank holiday? :)