Thursday, 17 May 2012

#137 - May Project 10 Pan

Now before I get any comments telling me I've miscounted, I knooow there's only eight items in the photo below, but in just the past few months I've used up loads of products, so I don't feel the need to choose ten each month, just however many I feel I can do.
These posts always seem to be the most popular when I peek at my stats, which I'm really glad about as it gives me a small (and sad) sense of pride doing them each month!
I know I'm very late on this one, but I completely forgot to post this earlier, it's been sat in my drafts for weeks, sorry guys!

John Frieda/Superdrug hair conditioners - I have about four of these sat in my drawers from the times I've dyed my hair at home. I do like these conditioners, they do their job very well, I just like others much better. I will use up at least two tubes though, I've nearly finished the white one so I should do it.

ELF Cream Eyeliner - Again, I really like this product, but I find liquid liners easier to use, simply because if I make a mistake with liquid, it's easy enough to amend, but it's much harder to remove and reapply this on my lid, and I don't like being too heavy-handed on my eyes. I think I'll use it up on days/nights when I can take my time applying my makeup.

Next Pink perfume - I got this in a set at Christmas and I love the smell, it's floral and fresh without being too heavy on the ol' nostrils. Again I put in the a drawer in favour of Flowerbomb and Naughty Alice, how naughty of me! It's a great Summer scent though, and I'll probably take it to Cornwall with me.

TBS Grapefruit Body Butter - I've had this a while and I do like it, it's very moisturising and sinks in relatively quickly, but the smell lingers longer than I'd like. I'll be using this before bed to nourish my legs.

S&G Flake Away - I love this scrub, but I currently have this tub which is half full, and another huge tub untouched! So I'm using it every other shower to get my body (mainly legs) beach-ready. But this scrub is bloody brilliant!

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout - This is a great clarifying shampoo that contains stout beer, so your hair is much more shiny and it adds weight and volume to finer hair.

Rimmel Clear Complexion powder in transparent - Nothing much to say about this, it's just what i use to set my makeup, but I realised I have two half-used, so I need to use up one because it's driving me bananas! But it does the job, think it was either £4-5 so it doesn't break the bank either.

What products are you trying to use up this month?


  1. flake away is so nice! xx

  2. I often have a little bottle of Cynthia Stout for clarifying with, it's so good. I'm trying to use up at least one make-up item a month and it's really hard! x

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