Thursday, 24 May 2012

#138 - NOTW

I adore this combination, and I love the formula of the Maybelline varnish; it's opaque in two coats, dried relatively fast and really does last for days without chipping. I've had this on for four days now, with a top coat and I only have a tiny bit of tip wear. I would really recommend having a look at this range if you haven't already, thye have some really lovely pastel shades in, and it's 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment!
The Ibiza Mix is a little harder to apply, purely because there's much more clear varnish than there is glitter if that makes sense? So it takes a little while to build it up. but if you have a bit of time spare it is worth it. I think next week I'll be tyring out hedonist underneath Ibiza Mix, it might tone the neon shade down a smidge?

What are you wearing on your nails atm? Are you all for pastels, or neons, or both? :)


  1. That's such a pretty combo, really like it :) x

  2. Lovely combo!

    I'm really into my nude nails atm :)x

  3. wow nice nailart! love the combination :)
    i'm following you, follow me back if you love to, thank you :)


  4. SWEET nails. Literally. They look like hundreds and thousands! xxx

  5. Ahh looks amazing! I'm asking for ceramic blue for my birthday (because of my spending ban!), and this is deffo how I'm going to wear it! Loving Ibiza Mix at the moment :) xxx