Saturday, 2 June 2012

#139 - May Favourites

I think this is the earliest I've posted my favourites, go me! I have quite a few items this month but I've grouped them up to make it an easier read!


These are the three main colours I've been reaching for this month, a nice mix of pastel and more neon shades. Mermaid's Tears is a lovely sea green, it's my perfect green and is so easy to apply and dries fast.
I am yet to brave wearing Models Own Hedonist on my nails, but I may use it as an accent nail when I next use Fuzzy Peach, might be a nice combo. Ceramic Blue is a gorgeous pale blue with shots of metallic blue/purple shot through it, It's opaque in two coats and with a top coat lasts on my for about six days with minimal tip wear.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory | St Ives Invigorating scrub
Nivea Oil Free moisturiser | Beverly Hills whitening toothpaste

I was using the Bourjoid 123 Perfect foundation, but since the weather's perked up a little (I type this looking out my window at a dreary sky threatening to rain, ha!) I went back to this as the formula's much lighter, and it smells soo good! The colours a limited but this is the lightest shade and it's fine on me.
St Ives scrub has been an essential in my routine for at least seven years now, it's my favourite scrub ever. I use this three times a week to give my face a really good clean; I love using it after a 10hr shift in work, really makes my skin feel amazing.
This is my go-to moisturiser, not much to say but it is brilliant for oily/combination skin, I am yet to find a better one, and at such a good price.
I got this in Home Bargain for 99p! a month ago, as I'm still on the quest for whiter teeth. This really does work, I use it twice a day and it has definitely improved the colour.
Berber Hair Oil | Pure Coconut Hair Repair | Charles Worthington No Frizz Serum

This is my favourite product from the Birthday Glossybox, it really is brilliant at conditioning my hair, stopping frizz and reducing drying time when I blowdry my hair. I got this coconut treatment again in trust Home Bargain (seriously, look there for hair products before Boots/Superdrug, they're ridiculously cheap!) and have been using it on the ends of my hair twice a week, leaving it on for ten minutes. It makes my hair softer, smoother and easier to style. The serum doesn't need much said, it does its job brlliantly, tames my flyaways and gives my hair extra shine.


Garnier Summerbody Gradual Tan in Deep | Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

I really dislike using fake tans, so this is perfect for me. I apply it after every shower and it gives me a really deep but natural looking tan. A friend commented on it last week, thinking I had been abroad, back of the net! It doesn't go streaky, the smell is pleasant, and it doesn't wash off if you get your skin wet. It's currently oart of the 3 for 2 at Boots too so I'd suggest you give it a go!
This has been my favourite perfume since I bought it on the plane to Turkey last June; it's strong but not overpowering, gorgesouly and fruity/floral. Whenever I smell it, I'm instantly taken back to my holiday last year, which makes me really happy. I'm pretty bad at descrbing perfumes, but give it a whiff you won't be disappointed!

What are your favourites this month? Any posts/videos please leave me a link! :)


  1. I have the Nivea moisturiser too and love it. Most moisturisers tend to break me out but so far this hasn't had any really bad effects so I'm definitely going to repurchase. I'm so tempted to try the Garnier tan after seeing so many good reviews about it, but I have a whole bottle of Dove stuff from last year and since I'm trying to save my pennies I think I'll have to stick with that a bit longer (: xx

  2. The ceramic blue nail varnish is on my birthday wishlist, it looks soo nice! I might have to try the toothpaste, I've tried Pearl Drops before but wasn't very impressed! xxx