Wednesday, 29 December 2010


From looking at all your blog posts, I can safely say you've all had a fantastic Christmas! I've enjoyed reading what you got up to and seeing the goodies you got, and the games you played with your loved ones, really cute :)
My Christmas has been really fun, but it's gone by far too fast! I spent Christmas Eve at Jack's; we walked up to the square and got cakes and dvds, ordered Chinese and watched Bunny and the Bull, a movie by The Mighty Boosh guys, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. It's a really funny movie, very weird but it suits their style down to a T.
Christmas Day got off to a bad start, as the water pipes in our area went off, so I come downstairs to find my parents heating up buckets of snow so we had water to boil! It was mad, but the water came back on in time to cook the lunch, which was amazing! I couldn't eat much, but it was delicious! My brother and I spent the day playing silly games on the Wii and eating all the chocolate.
The parents slid on over to a family friend's house for a drink or two, but I was tired so I stayed on the couch, watching my new Supernatural boxset, eating a bowl of stuffing and cranberry sauce ^__^
Boxing Day, we had family over for Christmas dinner round two, where I ate about three times as much as I did the day before, goodness knows where I've put it!

Photo overload, I went a little crazy with photos of my presents, so I do apologise!

My Secret Santa present - I'm so excited to make the gingerbread house!

Dresses Jack bought me; they look much nicer actually on, so pretty :)

Christmas jammies!

My brother and I also got new tv's as our current ones aren't digital, but they're in the study so my dad can "scope them out"

Now I just have to decide what I'm actually doing for NYE, so I can wear one of my new dresses! What're you doing for NYE?

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Haven't done an outfit post in quite some time, so thought I'd show you what I wore to Jack's last night. (I cheated and took these about an hour ago as I didn't have time to last night, explaining why my face and hair isn't exactly up to scratch!)
I'm quite proud of myself for having the time to do several posts this week, but as I explain further down, I won't have much time this coming week to post, so this is to make up for that I suppose :)

Skirt, shirt - H&M; Belt - New Look; Tights - Primark; Owl necklace - Tammy @BHS

I ordered this top off the H&M online sale, and it's gorgeous, so comfy even though the material's super-thin. It's more than long enough to be a dress, but I prefer it tucked into a bodycon skirt and pulled out slightly to give a baggy/voluminous look. I added the tights to give the outfit a bit of fun/variety. I wore it with my army boots and chunky grey socks, a grey cardie, my snood and winter coat so I was nice and toasty on the walk over.

I have a fun but busy week ahead of me - Online report's due in Tuesday, so I'm spending tonight and tomorrow finishing that bad boy off, and Tuesday night, a friend from uni invited me to go see Frankie Boyle in the Echo Arena - like I'm gonna turn that down! I know he's in the press at the moment for the controversial comments he made towards Katie Price's son, Harvey, but I'm hoping he doesn't bring that up in the show as I still like him as a stand up.
We finally finish uni on Thursday, so we're all coming into town to Scream for a big lunch and a good drinking session. It's about bloody time since we haven't been out as a uni group at all and we're half way through our second year! I'm looking forward to it though, should be fun!

What're you up to this week? Any of you still stuck in uni?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


As promised in my previous post, this is on the Neal's Yard set my auntie sent me for my belated 21st present.
She has worked for Neal's Yard Remedies for years, and while their products are not something I have always thought to get myself, perhaps because I'm a bit of a cheapskate :P But she has always sent my mum and I samples of new products and specially made lotions and creams to suit our skin perfectly.
This is a brand new set, available online here, she also put a nail protect and moisturise balm in as she knows how much I love to do my nails:

The website says:

NEW Power Berry Skincare Essentials

For Youthful Skin

Protect youthful skin from ageing environmental aggressors and free radicals, with our blend of antioxidant-rich superberries and plant extracts, scientifically formulated to help keep skin looking younger, longer.

Power Berry Facial Wash 50ml

Power Berry Daily Moisture 30ml

Power Berry Facial Mask 20g

I only recieved it yesterday, and I tried the moisturiser before I went to bed, and it works a treat. I usually have a lot of trouble when it comes to picking the right moisturiser, because my skin tends to get quite oily, but I sometimes end up with dry patches on my cheeks. This moisturiser is really light on the skin, soaks in quickly and doesn't irritate at all. I woke up with softer skin which wasn't oily in the slightest.

I'll be trying out the face mask and face wash later tonight after my shower, but I'll definitely keep you updated as to whether they're worth picking up and if they really do keep my skin looking youthful!

What's your favourite Neal's yard product(s)?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Apologies for the lack of updates this fortnight, and I know, it's the same excuse as always, but uni is ridiculous; I have a Media Law exam on Thursday which I will not do well in; I shouldn't have put my name down for it, especially as the resit's £40! £40 which I do not have - if anyone's kind enough to donate some spare pennies to me, please drop me an email :P
I'm currently writing this, wrapped up in my thermals, vests, joggers and the comfiest jumper ever, battling every cold-related issue under the "sun" - I'm so embarrassed at how much I've been sniffling and sneezing in uni this week. My Shorthand teacher even stopped so I could blow my nose - tragic :|
Anyway there won't be an outfit post until maybe Friday when I can rob Jack's awesome camera instead of settling for my poor-quality phone photos that can be seen below...

This is the church at the top of the shops in Ormskirk - the photo doesn't do it justice but all the trees are coverd in snow and ice, it looks gorgeous!

I'll be writing up a post on a Neal's Yard set my auntie sent me as a belated birthday present soon, keep your eyes peeled for it tonight :)