Sunday, 12 December 2010


Haven't done an outfit post in quite some time, so thought I'd show you what I wore to Jack's last night. (I cheated and took these about an hour ago as I didn't have time to last night, explaining why my face and hair isn't exactly up to scratch!)
I'm quite proud of myself for having the time to do several posts this week, but as I explain further down, I won't have much time this coming week to post, so this is to make up for that I suppose :)

Skirt, shirt - H&M; Belt - New Look; Tights - Primark; Owl necklace - Tammy @BHS

I ordered this top off the H&M online sale, and it's gorgeous, so comfy even though the material's super-thin. It's more than long enough to be a dress, but I prefer it tucked into a bodycon skirt and pulled out slightly to give a baggy/voluminous look. I added the tights to give the outfit a bit of fun/variety. I wore it with my army boots and chunky grey socks, a grey cardie, my snood and winter coat so I was nice and toasty on the walk over.

I have a fun but busy week ahead of me - Online report's due in Tuesday, so I'm spending tonight and tomorrow finishing that bad boy off, and Tuesday night, a friend from uni invited me to go see Frankie Boyle in the Echo Arena - like I'm gonna turn that down! I know he's in the press at the moment for the controversial comments he made towards Katie Price's son, Harvey, but I'm hoping he doesn't bring that up in the show as I still like him as a stand up.
We finally finish uni on Thursday, so we're all coming into town to Scream for a big lunch and a good drinking session. It's about bloody time since we haven't been out as a uni group at all and we're half way through our second year! I'm looking forward to it though, should be fun!

What're you up to this week? Any of you still stuck in uni?


  1. you cannot go wrong with a black bodycon skirt :)!! x

  2. Lovely outfit, I love the cute little bows on your tights.
    Love the owl necklace, does it open up like a locket?

  3. Aw thank you Helen :) Yeah, you push the ears in and it's a mini clock! I may edit this and stick a photo of it in tomorrow x

  4. Great outfit, love your belt! x

  5. Love your outfit, love the tights especially! Except all the tights I see like this are so expensive! :(

  6. Nice outfit! Have fun watching Mr Boyle. His comedy is a bit too on-the-knuckle for my tastes!

  7. I love your owl necklace! I have one that's similar to it. =] Unfortunately, I'm one of the one's still stuck in college. Boo. =/

  8. What cute tights! Love that necklace too. Let us know how Boyle is! x

  9. Cute outfit, I'm love the belt and I'm totally loving oversized t-shirts at the moment :)

    Hope you have a great night with Frankie, I'm just counting down the days till Christmas eve when I'm finally on holiday and can get lots of blogging done amongst other Christmassy things of course.

    Happy Christmas! xxx

  10. haha even though i say i will stop making bad jokes, i never will. i'm too attached to being corny and thinking i'm funny! <3 thanks again so much for following, and i feel the same way about your blog - so happy to have found it :]