Wednesday, 8 December 2010


As promised in my previous post, this is on the Neal's Yard set my auntie sent me for my belated 21st present.
She has worked for Neal's Yard Remedies for years, and while their products are not something I have always thought to get myself, perhaps because I'm a bit of a cheapskate :P But she has always sent my mum and I samples of new products and specially made lotions and creams to suit our skin perfectly.
This is a brand new set, available online here, she also put a nail protect and moisturise balm in as she knows how much I love to do my nails:

The website says:

NEW Power Berry Skincare Essentials

For Youthful Skin

Protect youthful skin from ageing environmental aggressors and free radicals, with our blend of antioxidant-rich superberries and plant extracts, scientifically formulated to help keep skin looking younger, longer.

Power Berry Facial Wash 50ml

Power Berry Daily Moisture 30ml

Power Berry Facial Mask 20g

I only recieved it yesterday, and I tried the moisturiser before I went to bed, and it works a treat. I usually have a lot of trouble when it comes to picking the right moisturiser, because my skin tends to get quite oily, but I sometimes end up with dry patches on my cheeks. This moisturiser is really light on the skin, soaks in quickly and doesn't irritate at all. I woke up with softer skin which wasn't oily in the slightest.

I'll be trying out the face mask and face wash later tonight after my shower, but I'll definitely keep you updated as to whether they're worth picking up and if they really do keep my skin looking youthful!

What's your favourite Neal's yard product(s)?


  1. I've never used these products before, but they sound great. I always try to use natural products.

  2. Hmm might have to try it :)
    btw you should of asked me to get that bag for you I would of gotten you 20% off ;) x

  3. you should, I've used the moisturiser and facial wash twice, they'r really good :)
    awh no way, i dunno why i didn't think to do that :( I still got my student 10% :') x

  4. hehe i have friends and family vouchers that run out tomorrow to, boo. Next time i get friends and family i'll send you some ^_^.