Wednesday, 29 December 2010


From looking at all your blog posts, I can safely say you've all had a fantastic Christmas! I've enjoyed reading what you got up to and seeing the goodies you got, and the games you played with your loved ones, really cute :)
My Christmas has been really fun, but it's gone by far too fast! I spent Christmas Eve at Jack's; we walked up to the square and got cakes and dvds, ordered Chinese and watched Bunny and the Bull, a movie by The Mighty Boosh guys, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. It's a really funny movie, very weird but it suits their style down to a T.
Christmas Day got off to a bad start, as the water pipes in our area went off, so I come downstairs to find my parents heating up buckets of snow so we had water to boil! It was mad, but the water came back on in time to cook the lunch, which was amazing! I couldn't eat much, but it was delicious! My brother and I spent the day playing silly games on the Wii and eating all the chocolate.
The parents slid on over to a family friend's house for a drink or two, but I was tired so I stayed on the couch, watching my new Supernatural boxset, eating a bowl of stuffing and cranberry sauce ^__^
Boxing Day, we had family over for Christmas dinner round two, where I ate about three times as much as I did the day before, goodness knows where I've put it!

Photo overload, I went a little crazy with photos of my presents, so I do apologise!

My Secret Santa present - I'm so excited to make the gingerbread house!

Dresses Jack bought me; they look much nicer actually on, so pretty :)

Christmas jammies!

My brother and I also got new tv's as our current ones aren't digital, but they're in the study so my dad can "scope them out"

Now I just have to decide what I'm actually doing for NYE, so I can wear one of my new dresses! What're you doing for NYE?


  1. I have those jim jams too :)
    Some great gifts, love the marmite mug :)

  2. oh, my! thanks for following me <3

    i love the coral&gold bracelet and the lace dress!

  3. i really love your dresses and family guy is amazing :D hope you had a goof nye x

  4. Beautiful :))))))


  5. Love those dresses!


  6. Snaps on the pjs. Love them! God knows how many they sold...