Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Apologies for the lack of updates this fortnight, and I know, it's the same excuse as always, but uni is ridiculous; I have a Media Law exam on Thursday which I will not do well in; I shouldn't have put my name down for it, especially as the resit's £40! £40 which I do not have - if anyone's kind enough to donate some spare pennies to me, please drop me an email :P
I'm currently writing this, wrapped up in my thermals, vests, joggers and the comfiest jumper ever, battling every cold-related issue under the "sun" - I'm so embarrassed at how much I've been sniffling and sneezing in uni this week. My Shorthand teacher even stopped so I could blow my nose - tragic :|
Anyway there won't be an outfit post until maybe Friday when I can rob Jack's awesome camera instead of settling for my poor-quality phone photos that can be seen below...

This is the church at the top of the shops in Ormskirk - the photo doesn't do it justice but all the trees are coverd in snow and ice, it looks gorgeous!

I'll be writing up a post on a Neal's Yard set my auntie sent me as a belated birthday present soon, keep your eyes peeled for it tonight :)

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  1. I love snow covered trees, so pretty.