Sunday, 28 November 2010


This week's been kinda weird for me - I haven't had anything new or interesting to blog about if I'm perfectly honest. I don't wanna subject you guys to a boring post (I am aware that me blabbing on in this one contradicts that, but it's a one-off ^_^)

I'm stressing out due to the massive pile of uni work due in before we break up in
three weeks; this will fly past before I even realise! I'm having a meeting with some of the tutors on my course tomorrow, I'm pretty nervous but I'm hoping it will help me de-stress and feel better about my work.
Still haven't found a job - absolutely nobody wants me, even though I've got 3+ years of retail experience, they'd rather hire people who are fresh out of school (no offence if that's you, I'm just pissed off that noone's gotten back to me) Even companies that I've been for interviews at haven't let me know about the position, so I've given up, and I'm making a list of things I'll need over Christmas so I spend my money wisely. I have just placed an order with Victoria at VIPXO for a handful of the gorgeous Scrabble rings she makes - sorting out half of the presents for my bezzies :)

Anyway, I don't want to bore anyone with the dulcet tones that is my life, but please leave me a comment telling m
e how you spent your weekend; have you already bought Christmas presents? Any new winter goodies I should invest in?

Anyhoo, to brighten up this word infested post, I have some Polariods created using Polaroid camera software I came across on Charlotte's blog, You Were In A Dream I Had - have a peek!
As much as I adore my red Polaroid camera, I'm sick of sitting on Ebay trying to win film for it - if anyone knows of cheap places to get it, lemme know!


  1. It's a shame polaroid film is so expensive. I have to make do with printing them out from my laptop. Love the "moomins" sand castle :)

  2. Yeah I'm gonna have to do the same I think :/ I have a mini Holga camera too that I've ran out of film for.
    Thanks, it took hours to make! I was really sad when we had to leave it, didn't wanna think of it getting destroyed :')

  3. Hope your weekend was a great one! I've been stuck in my room because I have a cold!! :(


  4. Great post, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet, but i did buy my cards and put my tree up yesterday :)

    I really like your blog, so I've joined your followers. If you get chance take a look at my blog

    Have a great week xxx

  5. I love the little penguins at the top, so cute!x

  6. Ow man, hope things pick up for you on the job front. It's horrible being jobless; just kind of stuck in that horrible limbo.

    Nice photographs, that first one is gorgeous. x

  7. I looooove the pinguins :D :D

    lovely BLOG :) I like <3

    x Kristina