Saturday, 20 November 2010


This week has been such a mad rush for me; I've been trying to recover from a cold/eye infection (I hate when something goes wrong with my eyes, I always start panicking and freaking out), make it into uni and sort things out for Christmas - me trying to be organised is Hell on Earth!

I'm aware 99% of the people on this website don't care for wrestling as a sport, but I adore it and Jack made me so proud last night - I went to Hindley with Stacey to watch GPW - Guts and Glory (a British wrestling company), where Jack was drawing the raffle and had a front row seat so they could interview him about losing his last match at GPW, and being unable to gain a roster place. We sat front row with him, it was pretty fun but I felt like I was sort of "on show" on the front for whatever reason. His interview came before the match for the GPW British title, where Jack Gallagher, who beat him last time, was fighting. Halfway through the match, Jack Gallagher comes over, starts shouting at Jack, slaps him and they brawl, pulling him over the guardrail and into the ring! I had no idea this was going to happen so you can imagine my face throughout this! Anyway, my Jack gets beaten up and thrown out the ring. Thinking that was it for him, I calmed down until I see him hop back in and get the last pin for the title!
I couldn't believe it actually happened! He's the youngest person to hold the GPW British Title, which is such a prestigious title, I'm so proud of him :D
Anyway, this is the outfit I had planned to wear last night, but changed the skirt to treggings, as it was hideously bitter out:

Shirt - H&M; Vest, Skirt - New Look; Tights - Primark; Necklace - Vivienne Westwood

I don't like how a lot of people are wearing these tights with denim shorts and little tiny outfits, especially in Winter, but I personally think it looks more respectable if you don't show them off completely; or maybe that's just the grandmother in me talking!

What do you think of these tights - too Taylor Momsen? Or can they look good with the right kind of outfit?


  1. i adore those tights, i want a pair myself! you look lovely and congrats to your boyfriend! x

  2. never too Taylor Momsen, pinky promise :)
    i think they work really well with the skirt.

  3. Love your outfit, the shirt/vest combination works well, and I love the tights!:) x

  4. That skirt is so sexy! loving it with the tights

    Miss Neira

  5. love your hair! personally i hate the whole henry holland tights trend, they look cute on you though x hivennn.

  6. hope your eye gets better! and no i dont think those tights are too taylor! x

  7. I like those tights with the skirt you're wearing.

  8. Thanks lovelies, I do adore these tights, I've worn them quite abit but they'v started to get a tiny hole in the back :(

    Kirsty - thank you, my eye's much better now, need to remember not to rub them as much!