Thursday, 4 November 2010

#68 - 21st Birthday!

Apologies for my absence for the past two weeks, I have been spending this week at least relaxing as much as I can with it being "Reading Week" - I have had several assignments to do this week but haven't had the motivation to do anything about it :/
Monday was my twenty-first birthday!
Even though I had already chosen my main present, it was still gorgeous to open on the day, and I love what I got.
We went for a family meal to Red Hot Buffet in Liverpool One - amazing food! We were all so stuffed, and auntie Kathy kept the bubbly flowing, so it was a fun little night :) Photos of that will come later.

This is the majority of my cards and presents... PHOTO OVERLOAD AHEAD! I do apologise, I got rather snap-happy taking photos of my lovely gifts :)

From my parents, I got beautiful purple Vivienne Westwood jewellery. I originally wanted just the bracelet and necklace, but after the assistant in the shop showed us the brooch and ring I couldn't leave without them! Sounds like I'm spoilt, I know, but please know I work for everything I earn, so my mum insisted on spoiling me for my twenty-first ^_^
I couldn't get a decent photo of the necklace, but it's the same as the bracelet in the third photo above.

My pretty cake; the glitter buttefly broke in half on the way home from the restaurant, still yummy!

Lauren from uni bought me this ceramic money pot - when it's full you have to smash it open, but it's far too pretty to break! I may end up keeping it full so I always have a stash of money! She also put a New Look giftcard in my card; she's such a sweetie pie :)

Danni bought me a huge nail varnish/care kit and sparkly bra straps! I'm planning on having fun doing my nails over the weekend.

Chris bought me a Vivienne Westwood voucher - gives me an excuse to go back and drool over the counters again!

Cute little belly bars from the Beauty show last month

My cousins, uncle and auntie got me a beautiful brush set - made from badger hair; softest thing ever! And a bottle of bubbly and chocolates - this weighed a tonne.

Heather knows me all but too well - a Soap & Glory giftset - all the things I was running out of, a bottle of bubbly and she said there's something else but she hasn't finished making it yet - I am very intrigued to see what this will be!

Last but certainly not least, I went shopping before the family meal with Jack - he has already bought me tickets to see Jason Manford in April, but wanted to get me another piece of jewellery since he already made me bracelets and bought me a gorgeous necklace.
He had his eye on a ring, but it was far too big for my tiny child-like fingers, so we both saw this one and loved it. Not the best photo, but it curls round my finger leaving a gap at the front, and the top half is covered in crystals, it's beautiful <3


  1. Glad u had an amazin 21st hun! And tanks for ya comments on the move and yes i'll do a blog on it! And hey if ur mum cant spoil u on ur 21st, then when can she! Love the jewlerey! espec the bracelet and necklace!Hay xxxxx

  2. Aww that ring off Jack is beautiful Jess :).
    Glad you had an awesome 21st! Soon you'll be 22 like me xxx

  3. ciao ^^

    Happy Birthday from Italy.

    Love the Vivienne Westwood gifts.

    visit my blog, you are welcome

  4. Aw, Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful time; some great gifts there, you lucky thing :) That Westwood jewellery is brilliant, so cool. And that money pot - ha, brilliant! Great idea, but I'd feel awful smashing it...

    Anyway, great post. Look forward to your next! X

  5. OOh you're extremely lucky! Happy belated birthday (: Hope you had a lovely time. That ring is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. happy belated birhday =] vw jewellery is beautiful!! x

  7. Wooow! the Westwood jewellery is omg so cool!!!

    great that u got such a nice presents for your b-day =)

  8. The vw jewellery are the cutest!