Wednesday, 31 October 2012

#147 - Project 10 Pan/Current Empties

I apologise for the shoddy photo quality - there's been no light 
thanks to it raining & being grey all day, best I could do!

Figured I might as well do a little update on the ol' Project 10 Pan, or my current empties as everyone's calling it nowadays.
I used the above products up throughout September & October, did pretty well I think!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 wash/mask - I mentioned this in my A/W Essentials post and I love it, brilliant for oily skin. There are two backups waiting in my drawer already, so yes I would repurchase.

Beverly Hills Whitening Toothpaste - Bought this in Home Bargain for 99p to use in conjunction with the whitening strips I've been using. Does a brilliant job for the price, I've again repurchased already, would really recommend!

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile toothpaste - again a whitening toothpaste, bought it on offer to see if it was any good, it was okay. It did whiten but not as much as I thought it would have. I would repurchase but not right now

Bioderma Sebium - A staple in my make up removal process, just makes everything so much easier & means I'm spending less time faffing about when I could be in bed! I buy these in bulk on Ebay, two 250ml bottles for £12 is a steal in my eyes! I'll continue to purchase this for a very long time.

L'Oréal Elvive Triple Resist Leave-In Treatment - despite the mouthful of a name, this is quite a good product. You spray it on your roots and work it down your hair after washing, then blow dry, It makes my hair feel stronger and nourished. I would repurchase again.

V05 Miracle Concentrate - When I first bought this I thought it was a HG item, but then I recieved other similar products, which did the same if not better. So I'd only repurchase once I ran out of my other hair oils and serums, which won't be for a long, long time!

L'Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss - Again, another staple in my make up routine. It's my go-to liner, I adore it. My only qualm with it is that if it gets wet at all it just rubs off. I am a contact lense wearer so I have to make sure I put my lenses in before I do my make up. Which isn't that hard, so I would obviously repurchase again, & again

Rimmel Instant Tan in Medium - Another steal from Home Bargain - girls, if you use this stuff, get it from there not Boots, saves you a few quid! I love this product, but I much prefer the waterproof version, just because if you spill a drink or it rains after applying this you look awful, streaky legs galore! So I would buy it again, just in waterproof.

Clearasil Overnight Treatment - Not much to say on this, it worked on spots and redness really well, but not different to any other spot gels or treatments. I personally prefer the Origins Super Spot Remover, so I wouldn't be in any rush to repurchase this.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - My HG concealer, I will never use another concealer, I am yet to find anything better, especially for the price! I'll always repurchase this bad boy.

What products have you used up lately?
Are you attempting to us up any excess products you have laying about? :)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

#147 - Lately I've been...

running errands dressed all in blue/double denim | catching up on my magazines, I adore Sophia Vergara | eating far too much Chinese food, and having to take our mains home to eat in bed at midnight | studding my new leather jacket, wasn't a fan of the studs already on it | favouring Model's Own colours for the perfect A/W nail | taking too many photos of the gorgeous sunsets we've been having, I love having a velux window :) | spending my Sunday afternoon in bed watching Studio Ghibli movies | eating too many Angel Slices, damn Sainsburys and your cheap deals | trying to also eat more healthily | lighting all my candles as it gets darker much earlier | picked up my contact lense build up at Specsavers, think they gave me enough solution... | loving 3/4 length sleeve tops, cosy tights & a flowy skirt, ala Miss Deschanel

- It's my birthday on Thursday, and I'm seriously excited. As I get older I obviously don't get as giddy, but I think it's because this will be the first time in about six months that myself and all of my friends, I mean all of them, will be gathered together. Really can't wait to go out and see everyone!

- I've been recently introduced to The XX, and I can safely say I'm a fool for only just bothering to listen to them. They're currently the band I listen to in the evening/night while I chill out. My favourite song right now is Angels, absolutely gorgeous song.
If anyone has any similar bands to recommend me, let me know! :)

What have you been upto this week? :)

Friday, 26 October 2012

#146 - Autumn/Winter Essentials

I'm definitely no expert on skin/haircare, but I thought I'd stick my two cents in on the matter anyway since Autmn has definitely arrived! There was such a nip in the air when I went out this morning, but it gives me an excuse to don my mittens & super cosy tights. 
These are just what I personally find help me get through the colder months, as my skin & hair attempt to adapt to both the freezing cold weather outside and then the suddent blasting heat inside shops, homes etc.

- I much prefer the lotion to the other formula in the tub; I hate having to scrape it out, getting under my nails, warm it in my hands. I feel this applies & sinks into my skin much better than any other moisturiser I've tried so far. Basically it's a brilliant thick moisturiser, perfect!

- A lovely friend gave me a sample of the Liz Earl cleanser to try, & I just did not get on wit it; whether my skin reacted badly to the ingredients or the scent, or whatever, but my skin just got worse. I persevered for three months with it, but sadly it did nothing. When I went back to this my skin cleared up right away, so I am sticking to this. Plus it's a bargain when you use those No7 vouchers, although I heard they're now for a lesser value, sucks if that's true.

- I've used the Neutrogena 2-in-1 on & off for some years now, but when I saw Sammi at Beauty Crush rave about how amazing it is & the wonders it's done for her skin by using it regularly, I decided to give it a proper go. Using it each morning & night, swapping it for Soap & Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It every Wednesday night for a more intense cleanse.
I can safely say this has become a HG item for my skin. I'm combination-oily (but more on the oily side) & this has helped get rid of & keep spots at bay, as well as mattifying my skin; it genuinely looks the best it has in over a year!

- I've used St Ives for about eight years now, my mum's always used it and she has fantastic skin. I always compare other facial scrubs to this and so far they haven't come close as far as I'm concerned.

- Not much to say about Hand Food; it really is a great hand cream, but it was honestly the first one I found. Any decent hand cream will do the trick, as long as it doesn't take too long to sink in; greasy hands are the worst.

- I got this full-sized sample of Monu in a Glossybox a while back and I adore it. It's a thick cream that sinks in so quickly, making my night-time skin routine an absolute doddle. I wake up and my skin looks plump, and healthy. I was hesistant to buy it again once it runs out, but Feelunique have it for just £16 so I may have to pick one up when this runs out, I've had this tube for about six months & it's still going strong despite me using it every night.

- The Tresemme masque & Inecto coconut treatment are absolute saviours for my hair any time of the year, but especially in the A/W. I have fine hair that tends to frizz in humid/changing temperatures so I need something that will help keep it as calm as possible.
I use both once a week to keep my hair looking remotely sleek & make it look quite healthy. Both are relatively cheap too & will last for a while depending on how often they're used.

Hopefully this has interested someone, and if anyone wants any more information on how I've gotten on with a certain product or anything at all, please comment or send me a Tweet :)

Has anyone got any products they always reach for in the colder months? :)

Monday, 22 October 2012

#145 - NOTW

Yep, I am an awful blogger, yadda yadda. Basically life got in the way, and I just didn't find the time to blog over the last month or so. But I have several posts lined up over the next couple of weeks, and a few ideas that I'll build on, see what happens. I've written up a vague "schedule" of when and what I can realistically post. It probably sounds quite lame having done that, but I am such a procrastinator, so f I don't have something like that I just won't end up doing it, and that's no fun is it?

So starting off lightly with a quick NOTW (admittedly from three weeks ago, oops) but this has fast become one of my favourite shades for A/W.



It's a thick, creamy off white/cement/super pale green shade, opaque in two coats and dried really quickly. 
It lasted on me about four days without chipping at all, and that's with using the OPI Rapidry topcoat - my new found favourite.


I would apologise for the state my fingers are in in that last photo, but my basket of fucks is empty I'm afraid. I prefer to let it come off itself, which it usually does by the end of the first day.

I'll be back Wednesday with a little updated photo post and some details about what I've been up to, if it's of any interest that is. I've been making cakes and watching lots of Breaking Bad! Oh my god, I love Breaking Bad. and food. Nothing much has changed really.