Sunday, 28 October 2012

#147 - Lately I've been...

running errands dressed all in blue/double denim | catching up on my magazines, I adore Sophia Vergara | eating far too much Chinese food, and having to take our mains home to eat in bed at midnight | studding my new leather jacket, wasn't a fan of the studs already on it | favouring Model's Own colours for the perfect A/W nail | taking too many photos of the gorgeous sunsets we've been having, I love having a velux window :) | spending my Sunday afternoon in bed watching Studio Ghibli movies | eating too many Angel Slices, damn Sainsburys and your cheap deals | trying to also eat more healthily | lighting all my candles as it gets darker much earlier | picked up my contact lense build up at Specsavers, think they gave me enough solution... | loving 3/4 length sleeve tops, cosy tights & a flowy skirt, ala Miss Deschanel

- It's my birthday on Thursday, and I'm seriously excited. As I get older I obviously don't get as giddy, but I think it's because this will be the first time in about six months that myself and all of my friends, I mean all of them, will be gathered together. Really can't wait to go out and see everyone!

- I've been recently introduced to The XX, and I can safely say I'm a fool for only just bothering to listen to them. They're currently the band I listen to in the evening/night while I chill out. My favourite song right now is Angels, absolutely gorgeous song.
If anyone has any similar bands to recommend me, let me know! :)

What have you been upto this week? :)


  1. Haha I always got so much solution with my contact lenses from Specsavers too! I never knew where to put it all!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I love the studded jacket- even better when you do it yourself!