Friday, 26 October 2012

#146 - Autumn/Winter Essentials

I'm definitely no expert on skin/haircare, but I thought I'd stick my two cents in on the matter anyway since Autmn has definitely arrived! There was such a nip in the air when I went out this morning, but it gives me an excuse to don my mittens & super cosy tights. 
These are just what I personally find help me get through the colder months, as my skin & hair attempt to adapt to both the freezing cold weather outside and then the suddent blasting heat inside shops, homes etc.

- I much prefer the lotion to the other formula in the tub; I hate having to scrape it out, getting under my nails, warm it in my hands. I feel this applies & sinks into my skin much better than any other moisturiser I've tried so far. Basically it's a brilliant thick moisturiser, perfect!

- A lovely friend gave me a sample of the Liz Earl cleanser to try, & I just did not get on wit it; whether my skin reacted badly to the ingredients or the scent, or whatever, but my skin just got worse. I persevered for three months with it, but sadly it did nothing. When I went back to this my skin cleared up right away, so I am sticking to this. Plus it's a bargain when you use those No7 vouchers, although I heard they're now for a lesser value, sucks if that's true.

- I've used the Neutrogena 2-in-1 on & off for some years now, but when I saw Sammi at Beauty Crush rave about how amazing it is & the wonders it's done for her skin by using it regularly, I decided to give it a proper go. Using it each morning & night, swapping it for Soap & Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It every Wednesday night for a more intense cleanse.
I can safely say this has become a HG item for my skin. I'm combination-oily (but more on the oily side) & this has helped get rid of & keep spots at bay, as well as mattifying my skin; it genuinely looks the best it has in over a year!

- I've used St Ives for about eight years now, my mum's always used it and she has fantastic skin. I always compare other facial scrubs to this and so far they haven't come close as far as I'm concerned.

- Not much to say about Hand Food; it really is a great hand cream, but it was honestly the first one I found. Any decent hand cream will do the trick, as long as it doesn't take too long to sink in; greasy hands are the worst.

- I got this full-sized sample of Monu in a Glossybox a while back and I adore it. It's a thick cream that sinks in so quickly, making my night-time skin routine an absolute doddle. I wake up and my skin looks plump, and healthy. I was hesistant to buy it again once it runs out, but Feelunique have it for just £16 so I may have to pick one up when this runs out, I've had this tube for about six months & it's still going strong despite me using it every night.

- The Tresemme masque & Inecto coconut treatment are absolute saviours for my hair any time of the year, but especially in the A/W. I have fine hair that tends to frizz in humid/changing temperatures so I need something that will help keep it as calm as possible.
I use both once a week to keep my hair looking remotely sleek & make it look quite healthy. Both are relatively cheap too & will last for a while depending on how often they're used.

Hopefully this has interested someone, and if anyone wants any more information on how I've gotten on with a certain product or anything at all, please comment or send me a Tweet :)

Has anyone got any products they always reach for in the colder months? :)


  1. I love tresemme mask's! And I love the neutrogena 2 in 1! have repurchased it so many times! What a brilliant post! xxx

  2. St Ives scrub and Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 will always have a place in my shower :)
    I had no idea the Liz Earle broke you out D: Sorry la!
    Pop into origins and ask for a sample of Zero Oil Cleaser, it's great for oily skin :)

  3. great post huni! I can't do without Philosophy pure grace in the winter for making my skin lovely and soft and Jigsaw's own brand hand cream is amazing too!
    XO Amie

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  5. love that hand cream :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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