Sunday, 10 April 2011


Week in Photos

This hasn't been the best of weeks, I won't delve into it for obvious reasons, but I've had a really tough time dealing with some personal issues. Finished uni for Easter, which is such a relief, but the bad news is I'm still on my placement, which I'm trying to complete as soon as I can!
Couldn't be happier we've had gorgeous weather this weekend, so nice to be able to go out without a coat or scarf on!
Going to Splashworld in Southport with Jack and some friends tomorrow, we haven't been in years so it should be fun :)

Went to the Salthouse with my mum and Jay for tapas - yummiest thing ever, we ordered soo much! Their potato bravas is amazing.

- More products I have used up this month, not doing too badly!

Recieved my first Graze box this week, it all went in the first two days. I loved everything apart from the wasabi peanut crackers, but I can give them to my dad next time.
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- Spending lazy afternoons destroying "share size" bags of Kettle Chips and watching Jersey Shore.

- Bought a couple of bracelets and a headband from H&M, just something cheap to cheer myself up.

- More books to read. I love American Psycho and The Talented Mr Ripley as movies, and Chris Jericho is one of my all-time favourite wrestlers, gonna enjoy reading this.

- On our placement, Rob & I went to Martin Mere to interview them about their new canoe ride, and got to have a go ourselves - so funny! Had a potter round the rest too, the otters are so cute.

- Spent last night in Heather's back garden with chippy and drinking cider and Cosmopolitan from a can, the height of class!

Two songs I love at the moment, especially LFMAO's. We were playing it at Heather's last night, definitely getting us in the mood for the Turkey holiday! :D

LMFAO, Party Rock Anthem

Rise against, Anyway You Want It

Monday, 4 April 2011


Counting down the days

This is definitely my lazy way of keeping up with posting, but I cannot wait for June to come round. I know it's silly to wish time away, but over the next two months I have a lot of things I wish I didn't have to do. Mainly job hunting, completing my work placement and doing the god awful presentation to accompany it - I am alright at speaking to groups when I'm comfortable with said people, but I do not like the tutor in charge of the work placement assignments, I don't even like walking past him in the corridor. We had to do presentations every Tuesday last year with him, and I still hate them, didn't help at all :/

But enough rambling, I'm dedicating this post to my second home, Cornwall, mainly Perranporth.
I'm going back there early June with Jack and his family. This will be the fourth time we've gone, and I'm yet to get bored of the place.
It's just so beautiful - the beaches are gorgeous, the sea is clear, the beach we go to has a pub on it - how cool is that! And everyone's so relaxed and just takes each day as it comes. I'd love to own either a crafts or surf shop there, or a little tea room by the beach. I'm pretty jealous of the lucky Sam who lives in Cornwall, and as you'll see from her posts, always has a lovely smile on her face :)

The following are photos either myself or Jack have taken - please don't take them without asking first!

Can't leave a holiday post without adding a little cheery music. Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes is one of my favourite songs, so relaxing and happy :)

Do you have somewhere you consider a "second home"? :)