Friday, 30 December 2011


Just a quick outfit post to keep my blog from looking like I've ran away or something... I am still here!
I got a snazzy new camera for Christmas, it's got a touch screen and all fancy bits thrown in so I'm so happy about that! Got quite a bit this year, my family's pretty much gone all out and spoilt each other with stuff we knew each other'd appreciate. Had a relatively quiet Christmas Day, we all fell asleep after a fat lunch watching Monsters Vs Aliens. Went to see family on Boxing Day night which was hilarious as always.
I hope everyone's had a lovely week and has stuffed their faces as much as possible, I encourage it ;)

Jumper dress, Resurrection - Penguin hat, Christmas gift
Bracelets, Lily Loves Lola; Vivienne Westwood - Ridiculous face, Model's own.

This has to be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe - it's thick and comfy I got it for a measly tenner in the sale last year, and it has penguins on it - what's not to love?!
But yes, this is my ridiculous attempt at an outfit post, looking back it seems rather childish in comparison to other bloggers who have the most gorgeous outfits/backdrops/faces and here I am posing in a penguin hat haha.

But now that I have a decent camera I guess my NYR is to keep up with the blogging more, think of new things to post about so it doesn't become repetitive/chore-like, and generally be more active in the blogging world, cos there are some absolutey lovely people out there, just have to ignore the little horrors that try to bring you down.

I'll be back either tomorrow or Sunday with a 2011 Favourites post, so keep your eyes peeled for that little gem haha. But I'll leave you with a brilliant song I've been listening to - One More Night in Brooklyn. His voice is addictive.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Please excuse me for being so original and posting yet another photo catch-up
thingyjig, but I will have more interesting things on here after Christmas as I'm getting a new camera, maybe Christmas Day if I can prise myself off the couch to do an outfit post complete with turkey food baby!

- The moon's been so big and pretty out my window lately
- Nachooos with the bestie. We polished off two pitchers after this, fatties forever.
- Couple of cheeky Lush purchases; this shampoo's amazing, it contains Hops so it makes my hair really smooth and frizz-free, which is brilliant. The Tea Tree toner has been helping even out my skin tone, I spray it on after cleansing and then rub in some Rescue Oil (a poor man's Bio Oil but it works just as well!) which you can get in Bodycare, Superdrug, Home Bargain for no more than £4.
- One of my besties got me a Snow Fairy Lush set for my birthday, which I have been trying to use sparingly as Snow Fairy is pretty hard to get hold of. Makes my skin so soft and smells amazing, I'm yet to try out the Angel's Delight soap which has the cutest pattern inside, and Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar but they smell soo nice ^_^
- My cousin turned 18 last week so we had a little family meal to celebrate. Here I am thinking I'm all artsy using Instagram, taking a photo of a candle, oooh am I allowed to call myself a photographer yet? (sarcasm)

- As everyone is I'm sure, I'm looking forward to the next week, hopefully hearing back from a few important things I can't really mention yet as it's not apropriate, but they may lead to better things in 2012, so fingers crossed!
- One thing I really dislike about this month is how stupidly busy it gets in town - it's like trying to dodge a herd of wilderbeast in the wild :| Not my cuppa tea at all, so I've done the majority of my present buying online. Thinking I was safe, oh no. Got several emails saying my parcels will be delivered slightly late; one has an estimate date of 7th Jan 2012. Bullhonky! I'm hoping they will be on my doorstep by Thursday so I can wrap etc. And sadly I'm braving the wilderbeast on Monday as I still haven't picked up my new lenses, the things I do for better eyesight!
- My friend's band is having a gig on the 22nd, and we're all going out drinking and dancing after; one night that is sure to be awesome, we haven't all been out since my birthday, so we have a lot of missed nights out to make up for! I'm hoping that no horrendously hammered photos of me, with a stringy fringe and ladders in my tights, trying to climb on my poor friend's back will emerge, but we shall see haha
- My mum and dad put our Christmas tree up last week, no photo as I'm a dumbum and forgot, but this is ground-breaking news - they normally have a little tiff over the tree as my dad likes it with bright lights, tinsel, the works, whereas my mum likes it simple, and everything colour-coordinated, no tinsel. But she's gave in and it looks really nice! Photo up soon, but you can guess how it looks, it's a tree, with lights...

Which side are you on - the more tinsel the better? or is your tree a tinsel-free zone?