Friday, 30 December 2011


Just a quick outfit post to keep my blog from looking like I've ran away or something... I am still here!
I got a snazzy new camera for Christmas, it's got a touch screen and all fancy bits thrown in so I'm so happy about that! Got quite a bit this year, my family's pretty much gone all out and spoilt each other with stuff we knew each other'd appreciate. Had a relatively quiet Christmas Day, we all fell asleep after a fat lunch watching Monsters Vs Aliens. Went to see family on Boxing Day night which was hilarious as always.
I hope everyone's had a lovely week and has stuffed their faces as much as possible, I encourage it ;)

Jumper dress, Resurrection - Penguin hat, Christmas gift
Bracelets, Lily Loves Lola; Vivienne Westwood - Ridiculous face, Model's own.

This has to be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe - it's thick and comfy I got it for a measly tenner in the sale last year, and it has penguins on it - what's not to love?!
But yes, this is my ridiculous attempt at an outfit post, looking back it seems rather childish in comparison to other bloggers who have the most gorgeous outfits/backdrops/faces and here I am posing in a penguin hat haha.

But now that I have a decent camera I guess my NYR is to keep up with the blogging more, think of new things to post about so it doesn't become repetitive/chore-like, and generally be more active in the blogging world, cos there are some absolutey lovely people out there, just have to ignore the little horrors that try to bring you down.

I'll be back either tomorrow or Sunday with a 2011 Favourites post, so keep your eyes peeled for that little gem haha. But I'll leave you with a brilliant song I've been listening to - One More Night in Brooklyn. His voice is addictive.


  1. that jumper is amazing! I love it! It looks adorable on you. Happy New Year huni! XO Amie

  2. No! I am in love with this jumper - it's so cute! Can we share it? ;) haha

    I love penguins and I'm loving your penguin hat as well.

    ~Hananh xx