Thursday, 28 October 2010

Liverpool Vintage Fair!

This Saturday the Big Vintage & Fashion Fair is coming to Liverpoo's Met Quarter!
I've never been to a vintage fair before so I'm really excited! I'm also getting to finally meet Alex from Life After 20; she's lovely :)
They're also holding model castings for their next fashion show which is on 11th November, so if you interested get down there early to snap up the little bargains!

If you do fancy going, leave me a comment and I'll keep an eye out, always nice to put a face to the blog :)

For more information on the day, check their Facebook page here.

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Just a quick post as I'm procrastinating on my very lazy Sunday. Went out with some friends I haven't seen in a while, it was really fun. We went to Popworld, Django's Riff and ended up in The Krazyhouse, all the while dancing to Spice Girl mixes and batting away boys with suspicious Pokemon hair :')

I've been meaning to post a photo of the Limited Edition Barry M colour nail varnish for a while now; I've only had it a couple of weeks, but it's not left my nails!

Nabbed it in the 2 for £5 deal, it's not a typical Winter colour, but I adore it! It goes on quite a light pink in the first coat, but a second gives it a lovely purple, I think it's quite a delicate colour. Not sure if you can still pick it up, try having a peek in a bigger branch of Boots, I don't think Superdrug stocked it to begin with.

I also nabbed these three the other week, I've tried the Indigo and LOVE it; it's more of a bright blue but with dark purple undertones - perfect for Winter.
I picked up the Strawberry Ice Cream because I've heard good things about it, and also "Wham" which is a light grey, purely because I don't yet own a grey, plus it was £1.99, so I can't really complain if it's crap!

EDIT - Looking deep into my nail varnish drawer, I may have a slight addiction... will post more on this addiction tomorrow.

What colour have you been painting your nails?

Friday, 22 October 2010


This is me trying to show off my new dark hair - I haven't had it this dark for soo long, I love it!
Sorry for the daft photo, my mouth looked funny :')

I'm feeling pretty bad that I haven't posted anything new and exciting for over a week; I blame uni and the joys/stresses of Journalism, I just haven't stopped!
We have two court readings to do in Reading Week, but me and my friends have decided we'd rather do it next Friday, so we can relax in Reading Week instead!
Also, I got myself a job interview on the 2nd November! I'm really happy, especially as I only handed my cv in there on a whim, I'm just hoping the hours available will be flexible enough for me :)

Anyway, It's my birthday on the 1st November, and I'm turning 21! So I may be feeling generous enought o do a little giveaway for you lovely ladies over that week! It will only be something small, but will include my HG items, especially for the Winter :)

I have remembered to take some outfit photos this week, so I actually have some pretty photos for you guys to awh over haha
I've been loving my dark floral dresses this week, so comfy under a cardigan with my chunky boots and socks!

Cardigan - Matalan; Dress, Tights - New Look

I found this after my friend Frannie suggested it on her blog, I love it even though it looks huge on me here, I promise it looks good in person!
Dress - Matalan; Tights - New Look; Pocket watch necklace - H&M

Dress, Skirt, Tights - New Look; Cardigan - Matalan; Boots - Schuh; Socks - Primark

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

#64 pt2

My second lot of goodies bought this week are mostly books. I already have a large stack of books waiting for me to have a few minutes to read and most importantly, enjoy them!
But when pottering through HMV I couldn't resist picking up a few bargains...

I already own Tortue The Artist but still haven't read it, even though I've lent it out to friends!
L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad was also a sneaky purchase from Amazon, but for 99p and just £2.75 p+p I couldn't say no.
The other three, Lila, Moab Is My Washpot, and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, along with Pineapple Express on dvd, came to £13! They weren't even reduced books, that was the normal price, so I'm chuffed with that ^_^
I've been wanting to get Fear and Loathing for quite a while, ever since I watched the movie I've been lusting after the book, but never got round to it.
Moab Is My Washpot is Stephen Fry's autobiography, which is meant to be a hilarious read. I already have The Star's Tennis Balls on my bookshelf, which is quite a tongue-in-cheek novel; I adore the way he writes and how expansive his vocabulary is.
Lila was an impulse purchase, I read the blurb and was instantly intrigued.

Shall do a review on each book when I eventually get round to reading them, but I do love having a huge stack of books waiting to be read!
What are you reading at the moment?


Just a quick update on my week so far and what goodies I have purchased; I promise to do a more meaningful(?) post over the weekend :)
I went to the Professional Beauty show in Manchester GMEX Centre on Sunday with my mum, auntie and cousins. It was really good, we got a lot of goodies for next to nothing, and ended it with a good ol' roast at my aunties house. Unfortunately, my mother and auntie decided to "get on the wine and cocktails" - lethal combo! And ended up sat playing the bongos and destroying Lenny Kravitz' songs with an acoustic guitar!
It was still a lot of fun, although I sort of felt like me and my cousins were babysitting...

I have however, managed to pick up a few goodies in town, which has cheered me up to no end.
I purchased several books in HMV, along with Pineapple Express on dvd for a mere £13.
In Superdrug and Boots, I nabbed four new Barry M nail varnishes while the offer's still on, and got myself another £5 No. 7/Ruby& Millie voucher.

I didn't realise just how big my Barry M collection has gotten, well it seems big to me!
Apologies for the low quality photos, I will rectify this soon as possible, but this is my collection broken down for you lovely readers:

L-R: Black, Indigo, Bright Blue, Blueberry Ice Cream

L-R: Red Black, Raspberry, Fuschia, Bright Pink

L-R: Strawberry Ice Cream, Limited Edition, Mushroom, 3in1 Clear

My newest ones this week are Indigo;it's gorgeous on, pick it up while you can! Blueberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream and the Limited Edition, which so far I've only seen in Boots.

What colours do you have in your Barry M collection? Any beauts I'm missing out on?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I apologise in advance for the mass amount of writing this post has!

As previously stated, I pottered along to Russell Brand's book signing on Thursday, I wasn't that excited until we got into the Waterstones, when my hands were shaking like leaves in the breeze!
Anyway, myself and Heather got to town about 12ish, and went for tea and bacon on toast in Soul Cafe; such a gorgeous little hideaway on Bold Street, I reccommend it highly, for the fantastic food as well as the friendly staff. (reviews can be found here)
We then stocked up on magazines and sweets to keep us occupied in the queue, goodness knows how long we'd be there for! Danni rang us, fresh from a uni lecture, and joined us in sitting on the pavement, while a multitude of people walked past, asking what we were all doing, when someone told them, they'd either scoff and call him something tedious, or pull a face and go "Oh right, Russell Brand..." I'm aware some people hate his guts, but at least have the decency to accept that lots of people enjoy his humour!

Thankfully we weren't that far from the front, and he kept to his word, and arrived at 3pm.
Strutting down the road like some kind of king, surrounded by bodyguards and hoards of screaming girls (and an equal amount of boys!) I snapped a blurry photo of the tall drink of water himself, and proceeded to wait until we were due to enter the shop.

As we got closer to the front, the more nervous we got - What would I say to him? Am I allowed to hug him? What if he doesn't laugh at my joke? I hope he doesn't spell my name wrong!

Once inside we weren't in fact waiting all that long, were given a post-it with our name on it on the right page, to quicken the process.
When it got to my turn, I was shoved into his face, handed him my book and proceeded to stare at him in the most gawky fashion. I asked if he enjoyed Liverpool, and said something about a roast dinner, what a boob!
He signed my book, and held my hand while talking to me, said I was lovely, thank you for coming and gave us a smacker on the cheek. I then walk away slightly starstruck and find my friends, we then skipped off for a chinese all-you-can-eat, yum!

My friend Danni getting acquainted with Mr Brand.

Apparantly it looks like we're just staring at each other, haha I was listening intently!

He's really a lovely guy, I can't fault him, especially now he's no longer bed-hopping round Europe and has settled down! I'm looking forward to finish reading the book tomorrow night after a hair/beauty show in Manchester with my mum, auntie and cousin that I had no idea was even going on, but I'll inform you all about it tomorrow night!
Below is the outfit I had planned on wearing to the signing, but I spilt toothpaste on the skirt as I was leaving, so made a hasty change and dashed out for the train, so as above I was in all black.

Top, Tammy, BHS - £7; Skirt, Necklace, Bracelets, H&M.

I'm trying out different places and angles to shoot my outfits; not very adventurous, but I don't have much space to work with when the family's in the house!

What do you think? Where do you usually shoot your ootd?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Since Shorthand has been cancelled for this week due to my tutor swanning off to London, I have enough time to get my to-do list underway - I find making lists and spider-webs easier to manage than saving random notes in my phone!
I'm spending today updating this with a couple of posts, and sorting my room out and hoovering the house.
Tomorrow however, I am spending the morning stood outside Waterstones in town in single-file, to see Russell Brand at a book signing! I know he's not everyone's cup of tea ( the Mother said "Oh, never mind, you'll soon see sense" when I told her about it) but I find him hilarious, especially in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To the Greek - two of my favourite movies!

But enough of the incessant typing and chitchat, I have been inspired by Laura at Romance is Boring to do a tongue-in-cheek post on "What's in My Bag" as I also don't own luxurious hand creams and whatnot; the fanciest thing in my bag is my perfume and River Island purse, which was a treat to myself last year.

From top left, clockwise:
- River Island purse, with Voodoo Doll Sagai Warrior Girl attached
- An ever-so attractive buspass for the free uni bus
- Pink notepad
- Mini post-its/Page notes
- Caramel Squares bar
- Yesterdsay's Metro, handy for swatting the swarms of horrible schoolboys off the train!
- Hairbrush and comb
- Keys
- Carmex lip balm
- Lush Lip Scrub
- Nail File
- Hairclips
- Amor Amor perfume
- ELF "Complexion Perfection" Face Powder - absolute lifesaver, definite HG product
- Boots Powder Brush
- Glasses, just incase my lense pop out; it's happened before, rather embarrassing!
- Make up bag (A sneak peek of my make up can be found here)
- Fizzy strawberry sweets

What's in your bags, any goodies I should be looking out for?

Friday, 1 October 2010


I've neglected this for the better part of a fortnight and for that you can slap my wrist. But due to returning to uni (second year only a week in is already twenty times more dramatic than first year!) and having one of the stupidest timetables ever. In short, my uni has had to stop running our Journalism course due to lack of funding and not having enough applicants - our class is down to just nineteen students! So we are the last year to be studying it in Edge Hill, you'd think that'd give us a somewhat leniant schedule, oh how wrong I was.
We're in everyday at 9 granted we finish at 12/1 each day bar Tuesday when we're in til 4. And we have Fridays off; although when we have essays and work due in it won't be as it's also our deadline day :|
But fingers and all possible limbs are crossed for a better timetable for our third and final year!

I must dash to my bed as I'm up when it's still dark to go back to the wonderful place for Online Journalism, hello useful connection :P Thus meaning that sometime soon (hopefully) I'll be able to post with lovely edited photos and have a well thought out blog style... A girl can dream :)
I'll leave you with a couple of songs I've been listening to a lot lately, especially when I'm relaxing; Jared's voice makes me melt!

Their cover of Kanye West's song, Stronger is so eerie, I love it.

Acoustic version of Modern Myth.