Sunday, 24 October 2010


Just a quick post as I'm procrastinating on my very lazy Sunday. Went out with some friends I haven't seen in a while, it was really fun. We went to Popworld, Django's Riff and ended up in The Krazyhouse, all the while dancing to Spice Girl mixes and batting away boys with suspicious Pokemon hair :')

I've been meaning to post a photo of the Limited Edition Barry M colour nail varnish for a while now; I've only had it a couple of weeks, but it's not left my nails!

Nabbed it in the 2 for £5 deal, it's not a typical Winter colour, but I adore it! It goes on quite a light pink in the first coat, but a second gives it a lovely purple, I think it's quite a delicate colour. Not sure if you can still pick it up, try having a peek in a bigger branch of Boots, I don't think Superdrug stocked it to begin with.

I also nabbed these three the other week, I've tried the Indigo and LOVE it; it's more of a bright blue but with dark purple undertones - perfect for Winter.
I picked up the Strawberry Ice Cream because I've heard good things about it, and also "Wham" which is a light grey, purely because I don't yet own a grey, plus it was £1.99, so I can't really complain if it's crap!

EDIT - Looking deep into my nail varnish drawer, I may have a slight addiction... will post more on this addiction tomorrow.

What colour have you been painting your nails?


  1. I have indigo on now ^_^
    Buy Dusky Mauve by Barry M its so pretty.

  2. I'm tryin, I just can't find it :( I'm gonna hunt in Ormskirk after uni tomorrow, doubt old ladies would appreciate such a colour, they should have it stocked :') x

  3. I had to get it online I couldnt find it in the boots or superdrug in town last week :(.

  4. The 2 for £5 is great, hey! Great choice of colours :) x

  5. I need to get myself this polish if i can! Need to go on a hunt this weekend :)