Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Since Shorthand has been cancelled for this week due to my tutor swanning off to London, I have enough time to get my to-do list underway - I find making lists and spider-webs easier to manage than saving random notes in my phone!
I'm spending today updating this with a couple of posts, and sorting my room out and hoovering the house.
Tomorrow however, I am spending the morning stood outside Waterstones in town in single-file, to see Russell Brand at a book signing! I know he's not everyone's cup of tea ( the Mother said "Oh, never mind, you'll soon see sense" when I told her about it) but I find him hilarious, especially in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To the Greek - two of my favourite movies!

But enough of the incessant typing and chitchat, I have been inspired by Laura at Romance is Boring to do a tongue-in-cheek post on "What's in My Bag" as I also don't own luxurious hand creams and whatnot; the fanciest thing in my bag is my perfume and River Island purse, which was a treat to myself last year.

From top left, clockwise:
- River Island purse, with Voodoo Doll Sagai Warrior Girl attached
- An ever-so attractive buspass for the free uni bus
- Pink notepad
- Mini post-its/Page notes
- Caramel Squares bar
- Yesterdsay's Metro, handy for swatting the swarms of horrible schoolboys off the train!
- Hairbrush and comb
- Keys
- Carmex lip balm
- Lush Lip Scrub
- Nail File
- Hairclips
- Amor Amor perfume
- ELF "Complexion Perfection" Face Powder - absolute lifesaver, definite HG product
- Boots Powder Brush
- Glasses, just incase my lense pop out; it's happened before, rather embarrassing!
- Make up bag (A sneak peek of my make up can be found here)
- Fizzy strawberry sweets

What's in your bags, any goodies I should be looking out for?

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