Friday, 1 October 2010


I've neglected this for the better part of a fortnight and for that you can slap my wrist. But due to returning to uni (second year only a week in is already twenty times more dramatic than first year!) and having one of the stupidest timetables ever. In short, my uni has had to stop running our Journalism course due to lack of funding and not having enough applicants - our class is down to just nineteen students! So we are the last year to be studying it in Edge Hill, you'd think that'd give us a somewhat leniant schedule, oh how wrong I was.
We're in everyday at 9 granted we finish at 12/1 each day bar Tuesday when we're in til 4. And we have Fridays off; although when we have essays and work due in it won't be as it's also our deadline day :|
But fingers and all possible limbs are crossed for a better timetable for our third and final year!

I must dash to my bed as I'm up when it's still dark to go back to the wonderful place for Online Journalism, hello useful connection :P Thus meaning that sometime soon (hopefully) I'll be able to post with lovely edited photos and have a well thought out blog style... A girl can dream :)
I'll leave you with a couple of songs I've been listening to a lot lately, especially when I'm relaxing; Jared's voice makes me melt!

Their cover of Kanye West's song, Stronger is so eerie, I love it.

Acoustic version of Modern Myth.

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