Tuesday, 21 September 2010


(Before I start, I apologise for the poor photo quality; the camera I was using just didn't want to focus ¬__¬ )

I went for a little nose around town yesterday with Heather and Andri, after a much needed Chinese buffet at Yum's, I swear I get embarrassed that the waiters know us in there!
I had promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything until I get paid, but as always that fell through straight away...
We popped into Resurrection, where I was faced with the sale rails as we walked up the stairs, and at the front of one of them was this jumper...

It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! As some of you may be aware I have a great love for penguins, so I couldn't resist! And at half off it was a bargain!
I'll be wearing it with chunky cable-knit tights and my military boots in the upcoming colder months.

I bought a new foundation from Superdrug as my Bourjois one is running low, and the coverage seems too light for me during winter, so wanted something a little heavier to cover my strange skin. I opted for Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection, as I already use the matching concealer which works wonders for under my eyes!
I chose shade no. 1, Vanilla as I didn't want to look like a satsuma, and it works really well, it gives the right amount of coverage without feeling like it's weighing down my face - and it really lasts.
I also picked up their waterproof Collagen Curl mascara, I'll be trying that out later.

I've heard wonderful things about Lush's Lip Scrubs, so I decided on the Bubblegum flavour, as I figured I'd get sick of the Mint and Chocolate one.

It's the yummiest thing ever; I used it last night before bed and then slathered lip balm once I'd licked this off, and woke up with ridiculously smooth lips. It cost £4.95, I think? But even though it's a small pot, it'll last ages, so it's worth the price tag!

What's your favourite product from Lush?


  1. I have the lip scrub, i wanna eat it but i think that might be bad for me :')

    My favorite Lush product so far isssss..


  2. The jumper is so cute! And I've heard alot of reviews about the lip scrub, I may get it :)



  3. I have that lip scrub! Love it, it's lasted me ages too! My fav Lush product is probably Snow Fairy shower gel, I look forward to getting several bottles of it every xmas :)


  4. Frannie, Im ashamed, I caught myself putting it on only to eat it, I had to brush my teeth again to stop myself! Ooh I'll hafta try that bubble bar :)

    Jess, thank you, I'm wearing my new penguin jammies as I'm typing, I may need help :') You really should, it's much more effective than scrubbing Vaseline off with a toothbrush!

    Evelyn, I love Snow Fairy, it was my first Lush purchase, makes me feel all Wintery :)


  5. heyyy.. its ok i love gabbers! LOL
    aw ur second year of uni, what you studying? aww have a lovely time with the boyfriend, im off to mine ones house a little later tonight, after x-factor! :)
    p.s i use your foundation and the jumper top is so cute i love it, as you can see i can gab on too! ;) x

  6. Haha miss Jess where did you read such wonderfull reviews about this lip scrub, i use it so much its great : ) lol
    I love your jumper to, cant wait to see you wear it!

  7. aww i did journalism at coleege and realy enjoyed it, i wanted to be like the girl in 13 going on 30. haha my dream job. aw my weekend has been alright thanks. not really looking forward to the next 2 weeks, cant wait to get them out of the way. ;) x

  8. Some great finds! That jumper is so sweet - can definitely imagine the outfits you'll be able to mix it with :)

    I've never tried any Lush products EVER (shocker, I know!) - will definitely have to give them a go! x

  9. Hi Jessica!
    Very nice blog you have here!
    I love the jumper, it looks so cute and comfy! Perfect for this season and this weather!
    My favourite product from Lush is the Snow Fairy Shower Gel: a delicious gel for Christmas time!

  10. such a cute jumper, i love it! i've never really bought anything from lush but the shop always smells gorgeous as i walk by!

    thanks for commenting on my blog! :)


  11. SOO CUTE!!