Tuesday, 7 September 2010


On Saturday, I had my usual nose round the shops before pottering off home, and as always, found myself in Superdrug.
I've been after more neutral nail varnishes ever since I bought Desert Haze from ELF, and managed to find (without hassle or fuss might I add) Barry M's Mushroom shade that everyone's been after... even if I am a few weeks late!
So to make up the 3for2 offer, I picked up that, a new black eyeliner, as the Collection 2000 one I got last week looked so washed out and pathetic on my lids I chucked it out, and a triple eyeshadow palette, for the smoky-eyes look I adore.

On my way to the till, I spotted the Aussie range was still on 2 for £6, so I chucked a 2in1 Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - haven't used it enough to tell if it's making my hair bigger, but it feels and smells gorgeous! And I got a Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner; this is amazing, a definite HG product. I'm in dire need of a haircut, but need a new hairdresser, but using this on my hair after washing is all I need right now; it somehow gets rid of split ends, or makes them less obvious... whatever it is, i'm in love! ^__^

This is a swatch of the Mushroom shade after basecoat, two coats, and a topcoat. (Please excuse my terrible looking fingers - poor things have been massacred in work and I've cuts everywhere!) I really like the dark, creamy colour it came out; was slightly worried it would come out looking like vomit! But I like it, even if Jack described it as "pushing my hands through a pile of mud."
Boys never truly understand.

Some other quick bits - My friend Andri went on a family holiday to Cyprus last month, and after seeing her and Heather last night for a last minute night of wine, Doritos and finding Friends and hiding in a blanket wearing a panda hat faaaar too funny, she gave us our gifts - Cyprus Delight. Which is assorted flavour, so I should hopefully like it more than traditional Turkish Delight (which we do not mention to her :O )

I'm sorry for this being such a huge written post, but I had quite a lot scrawled on a sticky note to get on here!
I picked up my usual cup of tea, Look and More magazine on my way home from town with Jack today, and when scanning through More, I found this little horror:

Apparantly men don't find Emily Blunt photogenic, which I think is ridiculous!
This must have been a poll done asking men who have not seen the Elle cover shoot and interview she did last month - are they blind? She's beautiful!

Anyway, rant over! I'm calm now, waiting for my noodles to be ready. But what have you been up to this week? Found any bargains in the shops?


  1. You did not find mushroom, your horrible women!!! I want that.
    I am out of hospital now and am thinking if your free friday and im up for it we should meet up for a little in the afternoon.
    Tell me how the aussie stuff goes to.

  2. I did, believe it woman! :P Look in the Superdrug by the big tv in town, and the one in central station, that one had loads left!
    Awh good, i'm glad you'r feeling better :) was worried :s I'd love to, but I'm seeing family on friday :( let me know when you'r free next week and we'll do something, i'm free most days then.

  3. I will have to go see, bet there sold out by now. Im semi free on the weekend im only headed to the Everton vs Man united game on saturday afternoon but again i will have to see how i feel.
    I will dm you on twitter my number sometime tomorrow so its easier to organise.
    Did you have a good weekend?

  4. Well I'm in work Thursday night so I'll pop in on my way in and if they have one I'll pick it up for you :)
    Awh okie doke, well I'm working again so the weekend's kinda off limits for me to have any fun really :/ Yeah thank you, i'll then text you mine.
    Yeah it was nice and relaxed besides work! i saw Jack saturday night and just had a lazy night in :)
    Are you feeling better now lovely?

  5. Jessica said...
    Those leather shorts look lovely with the worker boots, and the outfit with the denim shirt is so cute :)
    I like that you'r sticking to your RUE idea, and mixing your posts up, keep up the good work haha :P
    I'll look forward to seeing your future autumn outfits, you'v chosen some lovely pieces :)

    7 September 2010 13:24
    Rebecca said...
    Thank you so much jessica :) that's such a lovely comment xx

  6. oo love aussie hair care and the nail polish is perfect for autumn! :) x

  7. I love the colour of the nail varnish! I've given you an award on my blog :) x