Friday, 3 September 2010


This week's been busybusybusy - had another full weekend in work so I was shattered, but hopefully the last for a while. I've only seen Jack once a week for the past month or so due to him wrestling camps all over the place which is hard; I'm proud of him though, he's been wrestling with El Ligero - Numero Uno in Britain! ^_^
Also putting up new furniture in my room and then spending the majority of this week trying to sift through all the crap I've hoarded away in my drawers over the years has taken the almighty piss. And it's still not finished!
I'll definitely post photos though, but I went shopping with some friends Monday afternoon, and picked up a few goodies for my room, and some comfy clothes to add to my Winter wardrobe!

Jumper - £9.99; Snood - £6.99; both H&M

Shirt - New Look; £15.99

I've been looking for a nice box or something to keep my rings and bracelets in; I have a jewellery box but it's not big enough for everything. But I came upon this dinky candle holder in work last week (below photo, right) I love that it's got an old, vintage feel to it, and I love butterflies so it sold me completely. With staff discount it came to about £2.50, bargain!
When I came home that night, I found the butterfly money tin (below photo, left) I forgot I had; so that holds my bracelets while the white one keeps all my rings safe, and both look so pretty on my new chest o' drawers!

Now don't judge, but i bought these shoes from the kids department in Barratts for £9 - they are sooo comfy too, and make me feel extra childish and summery. I'm planning on wearing them with a black dress and possibly a bright coverup to balance it out.

I'll be posting some of my outfits from this week soon, but adios for now :)


  1. He's having a japanese inspired sleeve. Carp fish, temples, warriors, tigers.. I cant wait :D eeeee x

  2. Aw that sounds really cool, you'll have to post photos once it's done! :) xx