Monday, 13 September 2010


As sad as it seems, within ten minutes of H&M launching online, I was on the website quicker than a tramp on hot chips.
I've always loved H&M, the majority of my wardrobe is from there, so it only makes sense that I use the website as often as possible.
However, when I came to purchasing on the website, it kept stopping me for some reason; I don't know if you can only buy using a credit card or what, but it annoyed me - has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

So I popped into the shop on my way home from work Saturday, and spotted the bracelets I'd been eyeing up on the website, obviously I'd rather have them sooner than later; and I spied a gorgeous pocket watch necklace - it's only a sticker, not a real clock, but for £2.99 I can't complain!

Bracelets - £1.99, Necklace - £2.99

The bracelets are gorgeous, they have little sparkly gems in some of the "charms", and some are heart-shaped. They're a little big for my childish wrists, but clipping them together seems to work well.
The necklace has a pretty ornate design scratched into it, giving it an old-fashioned feel, almost like a pocket watch.

In Superdrug they had Amor Amor by Cacharel for just £12.99, with student discount it came to about £10. I've been after this perfume for ages, and while it's not exactly a big designer name, it smells better than most I tried out.
The bottle's so dinky and I love the tiny black flower sketched into the back of it.

Finally, in Boots I remembered I had the £5 No. 7 voucher from my mum, and when nothing really caught my eye I saw the huge range of lipsticks they had.
The assistant didn't seem all that bothered to help me - possibly because I'd been caught in the rain so my hair was atrocious, had my grey hoody and work uniform on, so I definitely stood out from the other well groomed and polished customers around the stand :|
I couldn't be bothered waiting to beg her to help me, so I covered my hand in swatches, and picked my favourite, which was "Pink Crush" from the Moisture Drench collection.

It goes on a deep fuschia, maybe a little too bright for my pale features, so when I wear it out I'll tone it down with nude lipgloss ontop.
I was hoping to get a nude colour, but they didn't have any in my branch, so if anyone has one that they would like to swap for mine, please send me an email :)

What have you been snapping up with the No. 7 vouchers?


  1. Those bracelets are so so cute!
    Did you see my post today?
    Are you working on saturday?

  2. Yeahh I did, I went to the one they did back in Jan, but got there abit late and everything was gone :/ so get there early!
    I am I'm afraid, and after work I'm straight off to Runcorn to watch Jack wrestle xx

  3. I snapped up leg bronzer and SPF 50 lol not very exciting but a really good offer.

    Love your little H&M haul I think the problem you encounted is because the H&M online store is not lauched until 16th not sure but that was what I have been told xoxo

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  5. Im kinda let down with the H&M store im hoping when it fully opens they will have more stock!

    I had about 10 of those No7 vouchers and never used them :/ Boots should give us Barry M £5 off vouchers ;)

    I'll probs see you at the wrestling on Saturday Jess :)

  6. Thank you :) Ah, that's probably why then, I had sent an email about it, got excited so I think I can wait another day :)

    Oh Frannie imagine, dream come true :P
    I'll be there, give me a little text when you're on your way :) xx

  7. I wouldn't forget to spend those ;). Im coming with Carys so will do. We're going for afternoon tea first :') x

  8. I love the clock necklace, it's a shame it's not a real clock because I keep seeing them around but they are a bit expensive.


  9. i have the same perfume, ive been wearing it for years, it my go-to choice and the bottle is so handy for taking it anywhere x

  10. love the pocket watch necklace a lot! :)

  11. wow you found some really cute things on h & m website I am insanely jealous :) i like your blog its so cute and girly and very interesting :) keep it up :D