Monday, 20 September 2010


Despite the above photos of my lazy Sunday night, I've had a busy weekend yet again, so I've been unable to update or have a peek at anyone's latest posts, but I'll get round to that later tonight :)
The Sunday just gone was my last full day in work; my official last day's this Saturday, but I'm only working 11-3 so it's not that long a shift.
I've been at BHS for over three years, but my schedule for uni this year is more demanding than first year, so there's no way I can handle four days in uni, followed by two days in work, so I had to do something. Thankfully my boss was understanding and didn't mind as my uni work's clearly more important. She's also said there'll be a job waiting for me after I graduate, which is lovely of her. I know I'm gonna be pretty emotional on Saturday, especially with the people that I've known since I started there, I love them all!
Looking forward to having a big night out after payday though, should be fun! :)
I'm hoping to find a new job within the next month, even if it is just a temp job to tide me over Winter; just something with a couple of evening shifts so I can have my weekends back to go sho... I mean do my work properly, promise.

The Sunday before I go back to uni will be spent frantically panicking over the Shorthand outlines that've fallen out my head over the past four, five months, drinking copious cuppas and trying to remember the basic rules for Print. Nightmare!
So from Monday onwards I won't be posting as often as I have been over the holidays, but I'm gonna try and keep posting at least on a Friday, basically an update on my week, and a couple of outfit/haul posts to keep you guys interested!

Ooh alsoo, I cannot wait for 14 November - Deftones play Manchester, and I get to see my favourite band ever!
Seriously I can't believe just how excited I am to see them play live; I missed them play Liverpool in '07 and have been kicking myself ever since, until a new friend offered me a space in his "hardcoremobile" (car) to go see them! It won't be the same with Chi Cheng still recovering from his accident, but my god, it'll be sooo awesome!

Sorry for the fat amount of writing and me thinking I'm funny, but I'll try and get a quick post on what I bought in town today with Heather; nothing too exciting, but it pleased me!

Are any of you looking forward to going back to uni/school?

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