Tuesday, 21 September 2010


(Before I start, I apologise for the poor photo quality; the camera I was using just didn't want to focus ¬__¬ )

I went for a little nose around town yesterday with Heather and Andri, after a much needed Chinese buffet at Yum's, I swear I get embarrassed that the waiters know us in there!
I had promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything until I get paid, but as always that fell through straight away...
We popped into Resurrection, where I was faced with the sale rails as we walked up the stairs, and at the front of one of them was this jumper...

It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! As some of you may be aware I have a great love for penguins, so I couldn't resist! And at half off it was a bargain!
I'll be wearing it with chunky cable-knit tights and my military boots in the upcoming colder months.

I bought a new foundation from Superdrug as my Bourjois one is running low, and the coverage seems too light for me during winter, so wanted something a little heavier to cover my strange skin. I opted for Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection, as I already use the matching concealer which works wonders for under my eyes!
I chose shade no. 1, Vanilla as I didn't want to look like a satsuma, and it works really well, it gives the right amount of coverage without feeling like it's weighing down my face - and it really lasts.
I also picked up their waterproof Collagen Curl mascara, I'll be trying that out later.

I've heard wonderful things about Lush's Lip Scrubs, so I decided on the Bubblegum flavour, as I figured I'd get sick of the Mint and Chocolate one.

It's the yummiest thing ever; I used it last night before bed and then slathered lip balm once I'd licked this off, and woke up with ridiculously smooth lips. It cost £4.95, I think? But even though it's a small pot, it'll last ages, so it's worth the price tag!

What's your favourite product from Lush?

Monday, 20 September 2010


Despite the above photos of my lazy Sunday night, I've had a busy weekend yet again, so I've been unable to update or have a peek at anyone's latest posts, but I'll get round to that later tonight :)
The Sunday just gone was my last full day in work; my official last day's this Saturday, but I'm only working 11-3 so it's not that long a shift.
I've been at BHS for over three years, but my schedule for uni this year is more demanding than first year, so there's no way I can handle four days in uni, followed by two days in work, so I had to do something. Thankfully my boss was understanding and didn't mind as my uni work's clearly more important. She's also said there'll be a job waiting for me after I graduate, which is lovely of her. I know I'm gonna be pretty emotional on Saturday, especially with the people that I've known since I started there, I love them all!
Looking forward to having a big night out after payday though, should be fun! :)
I'm hoping to find a new job within the next month, even if it is just a temp job to tide me over Winter; just something with a couple of evening shifts so I can have my weekends back to go sho... I mean do my work properly, promise.

The Sunday before I go back to uni will be spent frantically panicking over the Shorthand outlines that've fallen out my head over the past four, five months, drinking copious cuppas and trying to remember the basic rules for Print. Nightmare!
So from Monday onwards I won't be posting as often as I have been over the holidays, but I'm gonna try and keep posting at least on a Friday, basically an update on my week, and a couple of outfit/haul posts to keep you guys interested!

Ooh alsoo, I cannot wait for 14 November - Deftones play Manchester, and I get to see my favourite band ever!
Seriously I can't believe just how excited I am to see them play live; I missed them play Liverpool in '07 and have been kicking myself ever since, until a new friend offered me a space in his "hardcoremobile" (car) to go see them! It won't be the same with Chi Cheng still recovering from his accident, but my god, it'll be sooo awesome!

Sorry for the fat amount of writing and me thinking I'm funny, but I'll try and get a quick post on what I bought in town today with Heather; nothing too exciting, but it pleased me!

Are any of you looking forward to going back to uni/school?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I've been meaning to do this allll week, so here goes:
Thank you to the lovely Georgina over at Duffle Coats and Mittens for giving me my very first blog award! You should definitely check out her blog, she's really creative with her posts and her photos are always gorgeous :)

It's a lovely award to get too, shows that people actually enjoy reading about what you get up to, or what you're thinking, instead of just looking at pretty pictures.
I think a good blog should always have some depth to it!

1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award...

Thank you Georgina, it's really sweet of you to give me the award! :)

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words...
Fun, humour, learn, rant, live.

3. Pass this on to 10 other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.
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Monday, 13 September 2010


As sad as it seems, within ten minutes of H&M launching online, I was on the website quicker than a tramp on hot chips.
I've always loved H&M, the majority of my wardrobe is from there, so it only makes sense that I use the website as often as possible.
However, when I came to purchasing on the website, it kept stopping me for some reason; I don't know if you can only buy using a credit card or what, but it annoyed me - has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

So I popped into the shop on my way home from work Saturday, and spotted the bracelets I'd been eyeing up on the website, obviously I'd rather have them sooner than later; and I spied a gorgeous pocket watch necklace - it's only a sticker, not a real clock, but for £2.99 I can't complain!

Bracelets - £1.99, Necklace - £2.99

The bracelets are gorgeous, they have little sparkly gems in some of the "charms", and some are heart-shaped. They're a little big for my childish wrists, but clipping them together seems to work well.
The necklace has a pretty ornate design scratched into it, giving it an old-fashioned feel, almost like a pocket watch.

In Superdrug they had Amor Amor by Cacharel for just £12.99, with student discount it came to about £10. I've been after this perfume for ages, and while it's not exactly a big designer name, it smells better than most I tried out.
The bottle's so dinky and I love the tiny black flower sketched into the back of it.

Finally, in Boots I remembered I had the £5 No. 7 voucher from my mum, and when nothing really caught my eye I saw the huge range of lipsticks they had.
The assistant didn't seem all that bothered to help me - possibly because I'd been caught in the rain so my hair was atrocious, had my grey hoody and work uniform on, so I definitely stood out from the other well groomed and polished customers around the stand :|
I couldn't be bothered waiting to beg her to help me, so I covered my hand in swatches, and picked my favourite, which was "Pink Crush" from the Moisture Drench collection.

It goes on a deep fuschia, maybe a little too bright for my pale features, so when I wear it out I'll tone it down with nude lipgloss ontop.
I was hoping to get a nude colour, but they didn't have any in my branch, so if anyone has one that they would like to swap for mine, please send me an email :)

What have you been snapping up with the No. 7 vouchers?


I've been saying for perhaps a fortnight now that I'd do a post on my room since I got new furniture, but staying true to my lazy nature, I failed to do so.
Howeverrr, I did find a camera last night and snapped away so I can show you all the transformation (FYI it's only new furniture and a move-around, nothing too special so don't expect to get your socks knocked off!)

I apologise for the mess but as previously stated, I am a lazy creature, but this is before:

And this is after many days of putting furniture together backwards, copious cuppas and bacon butties, and telling my dad to "shove off" because my mum and I wanted to prove we could do it ourselves:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


On Saturday, I had my usual nose round the shops before pottering off home, and as always, found myself in Superdrug.
I've been after more neutral nail varnishes ever since I bought Desert Haze from ELF, and managed to find (without hassle or fuss might I add) Barry M's Mushroom shade that everyone's been after... even if I am a few weeks late!
So to make up the 3for2 offer, I picked up that, a new black eyeliner, as the Collection 2000 one I got last week looked so washed out and pathetic on my lids I chucked it out, and a triple eyeshadow palette, for the smoky-eyes look I adore.

On my way to the till, I spotted the Aussie range was still on 2 for £6, so I chucked a 2in1 Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - haven't used it enough to tell if it's making my hair bigger, but it feels and smells gorgeous! And I got a Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner; this is amazing, a definite HG product. I'm in dire need of a haircut, but need a new hairdresser, but using this on my hair after washing is all I need right now; it somehow gets rid of split ends, or makes them less obvious... whatever it is, i'm in love! ^__^

This is a swatch of the Mushroom shade after basecoat, two coats, and a topcoat. (Please excuse my terrible looking fingers - poor things have been massacred in work and I've cuts everywhere!) I really like the dark, creamy colour it came out; was slightly worried it would come out looking like vomit! But I like it, even if Jack described it as "pushing my hands through a pile of mud."
Boys never truly understand.

Some other quick bits - My friend Andri went on a family holiday to Cyprus last month, and after seeing her and Heather last night for a last minute night of wine, Doritos and finding Friends and hiding in a blanket wearing a panda hat faaaar too funny, she gave us our gifts - Cyprus Delight. Which is assorted flavour, so I should hopefully like it more than traditional Turkish Delight (which we do not mention to her :O )

I'm sorry for this being such a huge written post, but I had quite a lot scrawled on a sticky note to get on here!
I picked up my usual cup of tea, Look and More magazine on my way home from town with Jack today, and when scanning through More, I found this little horror:

Apparantly men don't find Emily Blunt photogenic, which I think is ridiculous!
This must have been a poll done asking men who have not seen the Elle cover shoot and interview she did last month - are they blind? She's beautiful!

Anyway, rant over! I'm calm now, waiting for my noodles to be ready. But what have you been up to this week? Found any bargains in the shops?

Friday, 3 September 2010


Just a quick post with photos of a few of the outfits I've worn this week. Dunno about the rest of you, but we've had glorious sun most of this week in Liverpool - good times for me, as I have an excuse to break out the ol' denim shorts without mother asking "won't you get too cold?"
The answer is NO!
I fear this may be the last sun we get for quite some time, but I'm hoping not as I'm eager to go to Chester Zoo with Jack next week to see the penguins!

Anyway, on with the outfits, nothing too intersting I'm afraid, just comfy and sun-appropriate :)

(I apologise about the weird poses/state of my hair, if only I had the ability to Photoshop nice, finished hair!)

Shirt, Vest - New Look; Shorts - Primark; Necklace - Accessorize.

Shirt, Dress - H&M; Bracelets - Vintage/Accessorize; Dreamcatcher - Shop in Wales.

Blazer - New Look; Top - Vintage; Shorts - Primark; Necklace - Present from Jack.

Vests - H&M; Shorts -Primark; Necklace - Vintage.

Has it been lovely and sunny by you? What have you been wearing this week?


This week's been busybusybusy - had another full weekend in work so I was shattered, but hopefully the last for a while. I've only seen Jack once a week for the past month or so due to him wrestling camps all over the place which is hard; I'm proud of him though, he's been wrestling with El Ligero - Numero Uno in Britain! ^_^
Also putting up new furniture in my room and then spending the majority of this week trying to sift through all the crap I've hoarded away in my drawers over the years has taken the almighty piss. And it's still not finished!
I'll definitely post photos though, but I went shopping with some friends Monday afternoon, and picked up a few goodies for my room, and some comfy clothes to add to my Winter wardrobe!

Jumper - £9.99; Snood - £6.99; both H&M

Shirt - New Look; £15.99

I've been looking for a nice box or something to keep my rings and bracelets in; I have a jewellery box but it's not big enough for everything. But I came upon this dinky candle holder in work last week (below photo, right) I love that it's got an old, vintage feel to it, and I love butterflies so it sold me completely. With staff discount it came to about £2.50, bargain!
When I came home that night, I found the butterfly money tin (below photo, left) I forgot I had; so that holds my bracelets while the white one keeps all my rings safe, and both look so pretty on my new chest o' drawers!

Now don't judge, but i bought these shoes from the kids department in Barratts for £9 - they are sooo comfy too, and make me feel extra childish and summery. I'm planning on wearing them with a black dress and possibly a bright coverup to balance it out.

I'll be posting some of my outfits from this week soon, but adios for now :)