Friday, 22 October 2010


This is me trying to show off my new dark hair - I haven't had it this dark for soo long, I love it!
Sorry for the daft photo, my mouth looked funny :')

I'm feeling pretty bad that I haven't posted anything new and exciting for over a week; I blame uni and the joys/stresses of Journalism, I just haven't stopped!
We have two court readings to do in Reading Week, but me and my friends have decided we'd rather do it next Friday, so we can relax in Reading Week instead!
Also, I got myself a job interview on the 2nd November! I'm really happy, especially as I only handed my cv in there on a whim, I'm just hoping the hours available will be flexible enough for me :)

Anyway, It's my birthday on the 1st November, and I'm turning 21! So I may be feeling generous enought o do a little giveaway for you lovely ladies over that week! It will only be something small, but will include my HG items, especially for the Winter :)

I have remembered to take some outfit photos this week, so I actually have some pretty photos for you guys to awh over haha
I've been loving my dark floral dresses this week, so comfy under a cardigan with my chunky boots and socks!

Cardigan - Matalan; Dress, Tights - New Look

I found this after my friend Frannie suggested it on her blog, I love it even though it looks huge on me here, I promise it looks good in person!
Dress - Matalan; Tights - New Look; Pocket watch necklace - H&M

Dress, Skirt, Tights - New Look; Cardigan - Matalan; Boots - Schuh; Socks - Primark


  1. :) I got that dress too, imagine we turned up at RWA both wearing it :'). I had it on in my Jacks last week and he thought it was a top (i had to explain what a tunic :']).

  2. love your new hair colour, look gorgeous! and wow so many wonderful outfits, i adore the floral dresses on you and those boots are rather lovely too! good luck with your job interview :) x

  3. Frannie - Haha I wish I was coming tonight so we'd match :') My mum even thinks it's a top, it's not "Winter appropriate apparantly"

    Victoria - Thank yoou, it's the Limited Edition Barry M from Boots, should definitely snatch it up :)

    Amy - Ah merci, I'm always worried incase I look too pale when I go darker :') Thank you very much, I'm unusually nervous!

  4. haha i'm not going tonight either but we should match one day to freak people out ^_^. Tights/leggings and a pair of boots, voila winter dress ^_^. x

  5. Haha definitely! Awh I feel bad, Carys just text asking if I was there :(
    Ahh perfect Winter styling, we are too cool ^__^ x

  6. i love your new hair colour and that sailor top! :)
    ah that last picture is where im seriosuly considering getting it done! :) right on the shoulder blade! :) and thank youuu x