Monday, 10 January 2011


Lazy day, I love my lazy days ^_^ Was supposed to be helping a friend out with a uni project - she was going to be drawing her designs on our bodies, I was well excited for it especially when she said she'd be doing an Alice in Wonderland piece on my legs and maybe a phoenix on my chest. We've had to reschedule though, but I'll try and post some photos when we're done, she's really good at illustration/drawing :)

Tshirt, Skirt - H&M; Shirt, Belt - New Look; Jewellery - Vintage/Accessorize/Handmade.

-My tshirt is my second favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment (First being my penguin jumper, which I will hopefully do a post on later this week) I love cheesy tshirts like this! Jack has a Topgun one which I've got my eye on for when it starts to choke his pythons ^_^
I'm in my glasses and scruffy hair as I'm still off uni this week so I'm spending it in my jammies, watching Supernatural with noodles! I had to run some errands today so i threw this on.

-I'm not exactly looking forward to returning to uni after having a month off, so much I need to sort out! I need to get my Shorthand back on track, do a few assignments, and I need to reschedule my work placement, as I've just realised the days they've set me are after the deadline date :| I hate this! I'm hoping to get a different one through my friend, I'm yet to ask him for the favour, but it's for a place right by my house - much more convenient than training it to Southport at 8am!

-I'll be posting a few of my purchases from last week later tonight, and hopefully some photos from my girl's night out on Saturday, dreading to see what a mess I look!


  1. I love retro t-shirts like this.

  2. What a brilliant t-shirt, haha. Hope uni goes well for you, and it's not too much of a struggle getting back into the swing of things.

    Looking forward to seeing your latest purchases! x

  3. i LOVE this shirt haha! but thank you for the comment and the encouragement, i hope i get the part too hah. but thanks! <3