Tuesday, 18 January 2011


It's been a slow week for me; first week back at uni so getting back into the swing of early mornings is painful and makes me want to cry and never let go of my pillow :(
Nothing major really's happened - Went to Wimpy and Yates' for food and cocktails with some friends last Friday, then stayed in Jack's and finally watched Despicable Me! It's really good, soo cute I was giggling the whole way through ^__^

Been stuck doing assignments for this week, sucks cos I can't get motivated unless I'm in the library alone, but I can never be bothered to stay back after lectures; I suck at this!
Also pretty annoyed today as someone has lied and gone against their word for the last time. I feel like an idiot for believing they'd actually stop being such a horrible, manipulative person, especially as the same thing happened last year.
This person's also tried to get inbetween myself and my closest friend in uni and turn us against each other, which is pretty upsetting/infuriating as we've done nothing but stick up for them. But apparantly I have a bad attitude, I don't understand her "problems" and I never tell her anything personal.
Not to sound silly, but I'm not the type that can easily sit in uni, crying my eyes out and telling people about my dog possibly getting put down, which I can't even talk to my mum about without breaking down, so I'd hardly want to burden uni folk with that.
But me and my close friend are obviously sticking together, we're not that daft :) But we've told this person to leave us alone, keep your problems away and stay out of our lives; we've had enough stressing over it.

Anyway, I'm getting ready to go for cocktails and to let some steam off with my friends, I'll leave you with a picture of my gorgeous boy, Hippy, and my favourite song at the moment :)


  1. Getting rid of frenemies is one of my resolutions for the year- I hope this girl listens and stays away and doesn't cause you and your best friend any more problems. Some people are so much more trouble than they're worth!
    Hippy looks beautiful- fingers crossed for you that he is ok.xxx

  2. It's made me feel a lot better just by telling her straight. I'm not in uni til Thursday so I'm waiting to see what happend really. But it's a good resolution to have, I hate nasty people who are so negative they want everyone else round them to be just as negative!
    Thank you so much lovely, he's got arthritis in his back paws so can't use them, pretty much pulls himself round the house :/ He's still the happiest dog ever so it's looking good :)

  3. Have fun with cocktails, and I hope everything gets sorted soon, you do right not listening! And I love Ellie Goulding too:) x

  4. Heyyy, yes i agree, Barry M are my go to varnish too! :) i love all thier shades..!
    speaking of love, love that wonderwoman top your rocking!! :D X