Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Nothing much to tell so far this week - been doing a lot of Shorthand so I can get my speed up as I'm lagging behind, but my poor wrist just doesn't want to move any faster! We're also working in groups to make magazines for Print, and I'm really excited to make it, as I made one on wrestling in A Level Media, and got an A ^_^ Ours is based around the Northwest music scene, but with fashion bits thrown in for variety.
We're currently just making page plans, as we have thirty pages to fill, plus finding adverts to use, but it'll be awesome when it's finished!
Saw my kosherpop Alex last night after what seemed like forever, we went to Maccies, both got large quarter pounder meals, six chicken nuggets, and then got cherry pies for back at his. My word, I love cherry pie I could have eaten seven! We played about on his fancy mac for abit before watching A Scanner Darkly. It's a really good movie, very clever, but the fact they've filmed it then solarized it so it looks cartoony totally threw me. But I'd suggest it if you like weird movies that make you think.

I'm seeing Jack tomorrow night, and we're going for food and then to see Gulliver's Travels. We're both huge fans of Jack Black (especially Tenacious D) so even if the movie itself isn't that good, we won't be that fussed as he's so funny.
I'll hopefully have time to chuck an outfit post of a quick photo of my nails tomorrow when I get home from uni.

I'm gonna make tea soon with the mother, we're cooking a healthy pasta bake, so it'll hopefully be like the one above which looks yummy, but with red onion, broccoli and tomatoes instead of red pepper. Wish me luck!

What have you all been doing this week? Any culinary hits?


  1. I love pasta bake with broccoli, never added red onions before but reckon that will taste sweet! Might have to steal your idea and give it a whirl.xx

  2. I love pasta bakes, so easy to make and so delicious. I saw Black Swan yesterday (which I'll post about next) and my boyfriend really wants to see Gulliver's Travels, I'm not sure about it, so let us know what you think of it.

  3. i had pasta bake this week, perfect after a long day at work, easy to make and delicious to eat!!
    hmm X

  4. Mmm, cherry pie. And that pasta bake looks delicious! What a yummy post.

    Hope Gulliver's Travels was good x

  5. It sounds like you're having fun making that magazine! Good luck with it. Your pasta bake sounds so good (and healthy, too!) My favourite thing to make (and eat) is potato bake, but that's definitely lacking in the health department.

  6. That pasta bake looks soso good!
    Nice blog, SusieXXX