Tuesday, 1 February 2011


This is yesterday's post that didn't work, stupid laptop :/

Spent this weekend traveling to and having fun in Leeeeds :) Went with some friends to stay with our friend who moved there last year, I have a previous post in August from our first visit over there. This time we only stayed Saturday night, but she threw a house party and invited her uni and work mates which was really nice! We ended up all sat on the floor playing Ring of Fire. The punishment for if you broke the circle of cards or any of the rules made, you had to eat five TABLESPOONS of this orange vodka jelly - It was not pleasant but we soldiered on! Had a really good laugh, went for a pub lunch on Sunday before our coach home, I'll be uploading some photos when I get my film developed this week.

Also had our first Newsday in Online today, it was only a practise but I still feel we did really well. Each member in our group did about three stories each, we all managed to upload them onto Dreamweaver, and we were done with about ten minutes to spare.. Winners! :P
My outfit today's very bluuue and 99% from H&M, although I am really happy. It's so comfy, especially the slouchy top, which looks nicer in person. I think I need to buy some more jeggings too, as soon as I put them in the wash, I miss them. Is that sad?

Photos were taken once I was home from uni so the big light had to go on haha, I definitely look better when the sun's out!

I'm super happy too as when I got home from Leeds before crashing onto my bed with a cuppa and a KFC salsa twister, my dad had fixed my favourite ring. It's been broken for about six months and I was gutted, I bought it from
Flashback Boutique in Liverpool for about £4? It's gorgeous!

Shirt, vest, jewellery, jeggings - H&M; Green heart ring - Flashback Boutique; Nails - Barry M Indigo

I'm off to see Jack soon and have a lazy night watching the Back to the Future films, really excited ^_^ Then tomorrow I'm off uni so I'll hopefully finish my to-do list.


  1. You look lovely. I love the jewellery :)


  2. Lovely outfit Jess :)
    Heard your Jack wont be in the show on Saturday so i wont see you :( booo x

  3. Great blog, now following :)

  4. I love the dress/nails/necklaces. Gorgeous.

  5. loving your accessories - and omg love back to the future, hope you had a fun night!

  6. you look great. love the jewellery <3

    thanks for the info on manc, hopefully i'll get to a couple of vintage spots.

    talk soon
    cheri xox

  7. I love all of your accessories, that ring is absolutely gorgeous!