Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Not my typical post, but I haven't taken any outfit photos this past week, just photos of odds and sods round my room, not overly interesting but I hope you enjoy anyway :)

(Top to bottom)
- Hanging ornaments and light catchers
- My small (but growing!) selection of Momiji and Kimmi dolls; a penguin toy and keyring Jack made me ^_^ and a creepy toy from Home Bargains. She's called Poppy and nods or shakes her head when you ask a question.
- Me looking slightly worse for wear after uni yesterday, sippin' on some strawberry tea
- Current nail varnish; Barry M Limited Edition. It's gorgeous but my nails have all chipped from typing away for about four hours in the Newsday.
- Finally got round to putting my calendar up and writing my dates on it, etc. It's so cute, I'll have to show you all each photo every month :)
- My baby, Hippy. He's usually camera shy but he was posing for me today haha
- A woolen figure my Auntie and Uncle got me from Jamaica; they bought it from a guy on the beach just making them. I love it but it's terribly dusty!
- The amazing 3D-esque photo Jack again made me from our Cornwall photos (L)
- I love my photo wall so much, it's got so many funny photos on it; e.g top left corner is my BFF Hope eating eggy soup 'seductively' haha. And my dreamcatcher and poster to the right are pretty cool.

Hope your week's going well too, anything fun happened? :)


  1. Beautiful things! I love your blog :)

    The Flower Girl


  2. fantastic pictures and I love your nail colour

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. loving the nail polish colour x

  4. love that ring of yours!!
    plus your montage of photos..so cute! :D

  5. The the Barry M colour and the ring you're wearing.

  6. cuuuuute ring! i want it!

    i have a photo wall just like yours and i love it so much!

    check my blog here if you want hon, looks like we have a bit in common.

    a fashion blog by lydialee!

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love Cornwall so much!! Without going into too much detail about my address, I live close to Truro the main city in Cornwall, where did you visit?? xx

  8. This week and the next week, I'll do studying instead of living.And on my breaks, I read lovely blogs (like yours) to cheer me up :)
    I love all the pics!
    Happy weekend!