Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Sorry I've been absent the last week or so, quite abit has happened, I'm gonna post a short rundown and then some photos from my last few nights out :)
Basically, I went out on Saturday for my best friend Danni's 21st, and somehow lost my phone. I don't know how or when, but I got really pissed off at myself cos I never ever lose anything like that, not even my keys! I didn't go home cos we were having loads of fun, but I got it blocked the next morning, and they agreed to put me on a contract and send me a new phone.

We went to The Flute to meet her uni friends, then onto Cafe Tabac which is small but does a mean rum cocktail - it's deadly! Then onto the Krazyhouse where we met up with her twin brother and our other friends, had an awesome time :)

My new phone came pretty quickly - It was sitting on the hall table when I got home from uni yesterday, which really cheered me up! It's the compact version of the Motorola Flipback, which is a tiny touch screen square, with a flipout qwerty keyboard. I'll post a photo soon, it's really cute :)

The following photos are from Danni's 21st :)

I'm currently sat on my bed, doing uni work and shorthand with SATC in the background, trying really hard not to get distracted and just play with my phone :')
I'm hoping to have sorted a load of clothes to put up on my blog sale by Friday, so keep an eye out for that :)


  1. Fun photos.
    I dare not take out my phone on nights out incase I loose it or damage it. I take my crappy old one out and just swap the sim card.
    I do love playing around with a new phone when I get one.

  2. Fun pictures! Thats too bad that you lost your phone, but good thing you got a new one :))