Sunday, 6 May 2012

#135 - Week in Photos

Nandos lunch date with Hope - officially an Alohaian(?) - new nail varnishes I didn't need (detailed post soon!) - favourite thing to snack on - a £2 coin with Darwin & a monkey on it - new top for Heather's bday shindig on Thursday - traditional BK with Stacey - Baa Bar quiz night with Hope; too much juice - Boots purchases bought with points, win! - favourite dress atm - Jamaican chicken barm, nom! - April Glossy Box

I had a bit of a bad night last night, I came out of the station to walk to work when some horrible "men" took my hat and wouldn't give me it back unless I gave them money, and started shouting horrible, obscene things at me. So I pretty much legged it to work, but they followed me, continuing their vulgar shouting, including calling me a slut and shouting that I should go kill myself.
Got to work in tears and couldn't stop shaking, but the guys I work with are so nice and understanding they told me to go home as I wasn't fit to stay. 
My mum picked me up, we got some comfort food (in the shape of a Dominos) and I sat up in my room for the remainder fo the night, watching Jersey Shore in an attempt to take my mind off it. 
Now bear in mind I had done nothing to provoke these horrible excuses for men, they probably thought it would be funny to ruin a stranger's night and may not even remember their actions today (the football was on in pubs so there's a good chance they'd been drinking) but I doubt they'll realise they absolutely terrified and upset me to the point that I was unfit to work.
I'm not writing this so I get a pity party or anything, I just don't understand what goes through someone's head that makes them think it's a good idea to harrass someone like that.
I seriously believe in karma and they'll get what's coming to them.

But on a slightly lighter note, I start the gym tomorrow and I'm seriously excited. I'm not looking to lose weight or anything, it's hard enough for me to gain it! I simply want to get fit and healthy again, tone up my tummy and legs and get my flexibility back. The gym I've joined has loads of classes everyday, so I'm planning on going to spin classes, kick boxing and maybe the odd Zumba class.

Are you doing anything fun over the bank holiday? :)


  1. Ugh, I hate people like that. It's unbelievable how people can act like that and think it's acceptable. Similar things have happened to me before and it just makes you feel horrible and wonder why they choose to specifically pick on you! Hope you don't encounter them again (: I bought the John Freida Full Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment a couple of weeks ago too. Would love to hear your thoughts on it, so far it seems ok , but not as good as I hoped (: x

    1. I know, I've seen it happen to other people but hoped I'd never have to deal with it. Thank you lovely, I hope you don't either, it's just unnecessary!
      I've used it once and I quite liked it. I did wash my hair and leave this on under a shower cap for about half an hour so it really sunk in; maybe try that next time and it might have different results? :)

  2. some people are so disgusting! I am a massive believer in Karma so they will get what's coming to them xx

  3. Oh my god, there are some vile people in the world :( I hope you're okay!
    I love doing classes at the gym, so much better than just using the machines :) x

  4. Ugh, absolute knobs. No one deserves that, especially you! Hope you're feeling better now. xxx

  5. How horrible, there are some strange people in the world! You're right though, they'll get what's coming to them. Hope you're feeling better :) xxx