Sunday, 13 March 2011


My Week in Photos

This should have been posted on Friday but I didn't have the time and felt slightly wrong for posting something so menial and seemingly self-indulgent when part of the world has been destroyed.
But here's some photos of my week, nothing too interesting :)

- Mucking about instead of working.
- The copy of an Ellie Goulding painting I bought from a girl in America. I forgot I ordered it so was over the moon when it arrived, it's gorgeous :)

- Items I'm determined to use up in March - seems like a lot, but most are things I use daily, so it should be no problem, and hopefully help me stop buying unnecessary items just because they look pretty!

- Watched alot of my Sex & the City and Supernatural boxsets this week; two things I can rewatch over and over and never get bored.

- Bargain boots from Primark, £8 down from £15. They're so comfy I've worn them all week.

- This week's reading - Look, Glamour, H&M catalogue and the last part of Russell Brand's book.

- I'm slightly mad when it comes to making lists, I make one for everything! This is my unreadable notes for my next project, and lists I've made to keep me on track.

- Barry M Vivid Purple and my favourite food at the moment - the rice snacks are about 49p a pack in Home Bargain so I stocked up for over the weekend, and my mum's got me hooked on Strawberry Liquorice, nom!

Spent Friday night in Jack's, watched Knight & Day - definitely reccommend! Lazy morning yesterday then RWA show in the night, stayed in Jack's again. Very lazy day today with him, got up at 2 and had breakfast. Was lovely as we never get to spend a whole weekend together due to his wrestling schedule.


  1. Great photos, and I love your nail varnish! x

  2. Love the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner, it smells so wonderful too.
    I really wanna see Knight and Day I love Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

  3. Great boots and such a bargain.
    Barry M purple is such a lovely colour.