Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Just a quick post today, I'll hopefully do another before the weekend, no pinky promises on that though! Still not feeling too hot, but I'm excited for either chicken chow mein or something yummy with hash browns for my tea, hopefully followed by some pancakes ala Mother Hignett :)
Spent yesterday feeling so crap, did a little bit of work, and had to go the Post Office today and send off some Amazon sales and pick up something to eat.

Popped the shop on my way home to give myself a pick-me-up, grabbed Glamour mag with the mild liquid facial soap, sounds ideal for my temperamental skin so I'll let you know how it works out.
Also some food, I am a fatty so this will be demolished in about an hour, I often ignore the "Made to share" on food (the duck wrap was gone as soon as I got home)

my ELF package was here when I got back, perked me right up! I got a blush in Blushing Rose, Lip Primer & Plumper, matt top coat varnish and a lip stain in Heartbreaker. Again I'll try all of them out and possibly do a quick post sometime soon.

This is my baby, my new phone. It's taken some getting used to, being an actual square and all, but I love it. The charge isn't perfect, but it's an EcoMoto so I think I need to adjust the settings or something?
Downloaded loads of funny games and got all my shortcuts, etc set out, it's pretty snazzy once I got used to not hanging up on people using my face :')

Top - Ressurrection; Skirt - H&M; Cardigan - Matalan; Necklace - gift.

Outfit for running my errands today - didn't like my face though, but I might start putting my hair up like this so I don't have to straighten it as much.


  1. I always ignore food packages that say 'for two' or 'for four' even & end up devouring the lot myself...I was brought up on huge food portions! Your phone looks fab, not seen that one before! I'm due an upgrade actually but will prob just move on to the iphone 4...so exciting getting a new phone though, I used to love getting a new one & spend hours messing around on it :) Hope you're feeling better now...glad I'm not alone in feeling uninspired at present, maybe some warm weather will correct that! :)

  2. aw thank you, i think you look beautiful with your outfit too. i can not wait to recieve my elf package!! :) haha nice post! X

  3. It took me ages to get used to my touch screen phone, I didn't know how to answer it for ages and kept hanging up on people.
    I'm always excited recieving parcels.

  4. wow you have some lovely things :) Cute blog!

    The Flower Girl


  5. Ahhh, my diet is driving me insane. I'd give anything to demolish a whole pack of crisps right now. Especially Walkers Extra Crunchy, I had a pack last week and it was soooo satisfying!

    I've heard goof things about ELF cosmetics, I'll seriously have to give them a try!

    x http://www.thefeatherden.net

  6. Just found your blog and am absolutely loving it. Your phone is way too cute and I have never seen it before. (don't think we have it here in Canada.) Also, your outfit looked super cute



  7. wow, i want your phone! cute blog!!