Friday, 25 March 2011


Week in photos

- Been rewatching yet more Supernatural - Dean's such a babe, "I call this one 'Blue Steel' "
- Also on the pile has been The Proposal and Two Weeks Notice - Sandy B is hilarious

- Products I've been able to use up over the past fortnight - some weren't on my original list but I rediscovered some bits and bobs that were half full.
- More books to read and re-read - I love the hardback/gold cover of my Dorian Gray.
- Been bringing out the ol' cd's this week too - Michael Jackson, The Sounds, Tenacious D and 30 Seconds to Mars.
(The above links are to my favourite songs by those bands, click them and have a good ol' boogie!)

- A better/clearer photo of my newly done poster wall.
- Two tops I ordered from New Look this week to wear tucked into denim shorts when it's nice and hot out. I'm undecided on the American flag one at the moment, but wore the black one for my cousin's birthday meal.

- The lovely Hayley sold me her spare copy of The Humming Bird Bakery Book. She reccommends the Mojito cupcakes which I'm excited to try, along with the Butterscotch Marshmallow bars, nom!

- Current nails - Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream/Shatter top coat. I'm pretty late on this trend but I love it
- The black top I mentioned above in action, apologies for the crap blurry photo, was the best of the bunch. I've also dyed my hair a dark browny red which you can sort of see in the photo too

- This is me and Danni having a boogie at our friend Heather's gig. It was the first gig of her new band, My Awakening, and I'm very proud of her, they did really well, especially when they were a cheery pop/rock band in amongst metal bands with huge guys


  1. Fun photos. I can't believe "The way you make me feel" is your fave song, me too. I know every word of that song :)
    Love those nails.

  2. Great photos, I actually really like the American flag top, and you're right, it'd be great with shorts in summer:) x

  3. Your poster wall is great, I love looking at people's but I wayy too lazy to make one up myself. I really like how you wore your black top as well!